Can you burn fat by farting?? (seriously)?

I've heard of burning fat through ur breath... .. but since starting my workout regimen 2 weeks ago, I've been farting a lot... am I burning fat when I fart?

p.s. this is a serious question, no joke...

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    Sometimes when you talk a lot or maybe while you are working out you are getting a lot of air into your will either burp it back out or then you will have I guess it is exiting the flatus way!!!!

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    well, here is a serious answer to a very silly serious question.

    Anything and everything that you do requires energy, the food you eat gives you energy and your body stores some of everything you eat as fat and depending on your metabolism and a few other factors your body will decide the percentage of what you eat to store.

    Anything you do that involves muscular contraction will burn a small amount of fat because your muscles use that fat as a ready source of energy when needed. So technically my answer is YES however it would be such a miniscule amount of fat/calories that its not even worth mentioning.

    Think of it this way... if you walk for an hour you may only burn 100 calories... how much less effort does it take to fart? I mean even if you reeeeeeaaaallly struggle to get that fart out.. I doubt you'd burn more than a couple calories which wouldn't even translate to a half gram of fat. Plus if you struggle enough on those farts to burn calories.. you are probably going to give yourself some sort of stroke or hernia. lol

    be careful with that booty.

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    Does Farting Burn Calories

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    You PROBABLY are "farting" more because you have been working out more than your body has been used to for the last 2 weeks, and you are increasing your metabolism, which is, in essence, increasing the "speed and activity" or your ENTIRE body. You will be building more muscle, which in turn burns more fat, but every part of your body will be sped up, and this includes the peristalsis (the movement of food, etc) through your intestinal tract. It is normal to fart. When certain foods are digested, during the chemical process of digestion, Carbon Dioxide, (CO2) is released. SO THIS has to come out, along with the yogurt, salad, and Lo-fat PIZZA you ate for breakfast. You are burning more fat, and your intestines are moving faster, with THAT is the ONLY correlation to the fat burning. GOOD JOB on starting a workout regimen, tho!! WTG! - Keep it up, and stink the world to a healthier place!!!! I hope the "little joke" at the end doesn't depart from the answer I gave you. Just keep it up.

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    When you breathe, it's not necessarily fat that you are burning. It's calories. Anything and everything you do takes burning calories. That's why the average person needs to consume about 2000 calories a day. So, farting, or flatulance, since it takes muscles and peristalsis to push the gases out, I would assume, Yes, you are burning calories. But calories are much too small, and I doubt that farting will help you burn fat which is much bigger than calories.

  • Pete
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    You burn fat -- though only secondary to protein and carbohydrates -- just through the process of metabolizing .... and since dispensing with your methane is part of metabolizing .... you could say it does burn some fat (or at least, calories) .... but it's negligible ...

    You'll most being chased by those around you when you decided to run this experiment.

  • Shawn
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    5 years ago

    Yes. It burns calories, so anything that burns calories, is burning fat (the more cals you burn the more fat you lose). But although it gets your heart racing, I wouldn't consider it an actual form of exercise and you definately shouldn't replace regular cardio workouts for just sex.

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    Even if you do burn fat by farting, consider this: To fart, you have to eat. So to eat a bunch of calories and fats, in order to fart ( thereby embarass yourself and stink up somthing real bad ) only for a few times, wont do you any good. Stick to diet and exercise, it worked for me, and many other ppl

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    The answer is NO--- HOWEVER, increased exercise can cause more carbon dioxide to be released into your system which, when paired up with the methane gas you normally produce, can lead to an increased volume of gas. People whose bodies are in fat burn mode may also notice a strange metallic or earthy taste in their mouths, which is also caused by carbon dioxide being released from your system.

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  • 5 years ago

    ok think of your body like a car, the exaust out the back of the car is like the fart out of your butt.

    the exaust came out because fuel was burned. the more fuel you burn the more exaust that comes out, so i think that you have it backwards, the fart is not causing the fat burn, the fat burn is causing the farts, or you can just be burning more calories or you are eating more fatty foods now that you exersize more you might be eating more peanut butter or something.

    its more like, im farting like crazy does that mean im burning more fat?

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