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What was the most difficult trick/command to train your dog to do?

And, did you eventually succeed?

I had real problems training my doberman to lie down, even now she wont stay down. She will stay, sit and all the others, but she just wont lie down on command. I have been trying for 4 years, but she still wont get the hint.

Do any of you have a similar quirk in your pet, and how did you tackle it?

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    Luke thought "roll over" was incredibly confusing. It appeared to him that "roll over" meant "lie down, stick my legs in the air, and momma flips me over"... it was VERY challenging. Eventually, he figured it out though... mostly by putting the ever delightful ball on the other side of his "down" after several manual flips, so he knew that the flip was something we wanted, and the ball was something HE wanted, and it worked eventually.

    As for down... I suggest starting from a standing position. Arm yourself with a treat tidbit. With your palm facing the floor, hold the treat with your thumb. All four fingers should be parallel with the floor, and your palm down. Raise your wrist, still with the treat, (like you'd be signalling someone to "stop") and show your dog, and let her sniff, and even lick at it. Then, palm back to the floor, and lower your hand slowly all the way to the floor. Chances are she'll "bow" first, but if you keep your hand to the floor, she'll go all the way down. The INSTANT she lowers her butt, say "yes" or "good" stand her back up, and give her the reward. Repeat repeat repeat repeat. When you start seeing success, get her to do it twice and THEN get the reward. Eventually, you want her to lie down without it. Good luck!

    Keep me filled in on the results? Great!

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    Sit was the easiest, and after constant trying stay was just natural to them. Speak is quirky with my dog, sometimes he'll do it other times you have to make moans/barks to get him to do it. I think hes just trying to make a fool out of me though on that one.


    Heres a neat idea on the "come" command. Have a whistle and handful of treats. Blow the whistle, give the dog a treat. Repeat this and then step away and do it some more. The dogs learn to associate the whistle to something good, and will run to you when they hear it. Thats the easiest way I can get my dogs to come, plus they hear the whistle better if they are a bit away from me.

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    STAY was the hardest... Took about 2 years to be honest. He learned Sit, shake, high 5, heel, roll over, and lay down very fast. But Stay? He just refused to do it! Now he will listen about 98% of the time... Still a work in progress! =]

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    Stay was the easiest for me. My dog is really smart. He isn't even a year and he already knows sit, lay down, up, drop it, roll over, stay, high five, shake hands, and hugs and kisses (puts his paws on your shoulders and kisses cute!) I am teaching him "high ten" right now (put both paws up to your hands) This is probably the hardest i have taught him so far because he keeps doing "high five" instead of "high ten"

    Umm, this is how i taught my dog to lay down.

    Hold the treat like 6 inches above his head and keep pushing the treat farther back till he sits.

    Now, say "lie down"

    Keep saying it and slowly pull his front feet out from under him. Once he is down say good boy very positively and give him the treat.

    Keep doing this and say "lie down" before you help him down. Eventually he will do it before you help him.

    Source(s): I hope this works! It worked on my dog but every dog is different!
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    Come here!

    We're still working on that one. Sometimes she'll do it, but if there's the slightest bit of a distraction, she takes off. This is by far the hardest thing to teach her, becuase I know it's not because she doesn't get it -- it's because she doesn't want to do it.

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    My puppy would not stop jumping on counters, people, and tables. She goes nuts over food so we sent her to a training school for 2 whole weeks. She came back knowing down stay and come. We payed 1,000 dollars so i'm glad it worked :)

  • I think the hardest trick I had to teach them was to run the dishwasher. They didn't have a problem "paw" washing the dishes, but with such small paws, they had a hard time pushing the right buttons to run the dishwasher.

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    I tried for years to get my roommate's English Bulldog to get me a beer out of the fridge. You tie a towel to the handle so he can open the door and place the beers on the bottom shelf out of the packaging, but it never really worked. Of course, I wasn't really strict about the training. I did it in a half-hearted sort of way.

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