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Sort this list of chemicals for me!?

Beside each chemical put whether they are a base, acid or neutral? Thankss :)

1. Sulfuric Acid

2. Nitrogen

3. Oxygen

4. Ethylene

5. Lime

6. Ammonia

7. Phosphoric acid

8. Sodium hydroxide

9. Propylene

10. Chlorine

11. Sodium carbonate ©

12. Methyl tert-butyl ether

13. Ethylene dichloride

14. Nitric acid

15. Ammonium nitrate (d)

16. Benzene

17. Urea

18. Vinyl chloride

19. Ethyl benzene

20. Styrene

21. Methanol

22. Carbon dioxide (f)

23. Xylene

24. Formaldehyde (g)

25. Terephthalic acid (h)

26. Ethylene oxide

27. Hydrochloric acid

28. Toluene (i)

29. P-Xylene

30. Cumene

31. Ammonium suflate

32. Ethylene glycol

33. Acetic acid

34. Phenol (j)

35. Propylene oxide

36. Butadiene(k)

37. Carbon black

38. Isobutylene

39. Potash(l)

40. Actylonitrile

41. Vinyl acetate

42. Titanium dioxide

43. Acetone

44. Butyraldehyde

45. Aluminum sulfate

46. Sodium silicate

47. Cyclohexane

48. Adipic acid

49. Nitrobenzene

50. Bisphenol A

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    acid = "A" ..... base = "B"..... neutral = "N"

    A 1.Sulfuric Acid

    N 2.Nitrogen

    N 3.Oxygen

    N 4.Ethylene

    B 5.Lime

    B 6.Ammonia

    A 7.Phosphoric acid

    B 8.Sodium hydroxide

    N 9.Propylene

    N 10.Chlorine

    B 11.Sodium carbonate ©

    N 12.Methyl tert-butyl ether

    N 13.Ethylene dichloride

    A 14.Nitric acid

    A 15.Ammonium nitrate (d)

    N 16.Benzene

    B 17.Urea

    N 18.Vinyl chloride

    N 19.Ethyl benzene

    N 20.Styrene

    A 21.Methanol http://chem.pdx.edu/~wamserc/C334F01/4notes.htm

    A 22.Carbon dioxide (f)

    N 23.Xylene

    N? 24.Formaldehyde (g)

    A 25.Terephthalic acid (h)

    N? 26.Ethylene oxide

    A 27.Hydrochloric acid

    N 28.Toluene (i)

    N 29.P-Xylene

    N 30.Cumene

    A 31.Ammonium suflate

    N? 32.Ethylene glycol

    A 33.Acetic acid

    A 34.Phenol (j)

    N 35.Propylene oxide

    N 36.Butadiene(k)

    N 37.Carbon black

    N 38.Isobutylene

    B 39.Potash(l)

    N 40.Actylonitrile

    N 41.Vinyl acetate

    B 42.Titanium dioxide

    N 43.Acetone

    N 44.Butyraldehyde

    B 45.Aluminum sulfate

    B 46.Sodium silicate

    B 47.Cyclohexane

    A 48.Adipic acid

    B 49.Nitrobenzene

    A 50.Bisphenol A

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