What's going to happen to us?

Either Senator McCain will send us into more debt with his "more wars" rhetoric. Or Senator Obama will send us into debt with his welfare states and more wars rhetoric as well.

What will we do then? Are we still going to be uttering the words "change." Well maybe, "have any spare change?"


Bennyrud: We're already working for the Chinese. We borrow $2 billion per day from China, Japan and Saudi Arabia.

Update 2:

Brian: Cutting the pork barrel spending won't do anything except give it back to the executive branch and use it for their own personal gain. So pork won't do much. Also Senator McCain has flip-flopped at least four times on the Bush Tax Cuts. But if we're massively spending what good will a tax cut do? You can only cut taxes if you cut spending astronomically.

Update 3:

Moses: Clinton raided the social security of 200-300 million dollars per year, he sent thousands of jobs to China and India, he sent us into a few pointless wars as well and he has raided our liberties as much as President Bush has.

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    I think we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Although Obama may not "endorse" getting us into more debt, it will. But his socialist attitude appeals to more people because nobody wants to take personal accountability for their own actions or have to work hard for what they have anymore. The entitlement mentality is so strong that the voices of the real workers and survivalists are diminished by the roar of the masses clamoring for the government to take care of them. Obama will offer that socialist paradise as promised in his "plan" which is only bandaiding some issues by using existing codes/laws instead of manning up and removing the errant laws and departments altogether.

    McCain has an explosive temper and with a simple utterance can start WW3. I do not trust him because he has betrayed the people's trust by supporting the Patriot Acts which further eroded our rights. I agree we need to clean up the mess we created in Iraq, although I don't agree with the war or how he may manage it, again, because of his temper he may provoke war more than promote peace. McCain has no concept of economics by his own self-admission--so we're screwed with the economy too.

    The only people worth their salt are Dr. Ron Paul and Alan Keyes, but the masses have already been told they must decide on McCain and Obama because media mogel Ted Turner and oil baron Rockefeller said so. How did the Nazi's get into power? They took over lawfully after each manufactured crisis...does anyone know history enough to see a PATTERN here?? No, sorry, I forgot, the public education system has revised it so many times...

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    Our current situation was not Bill Clinton's fault as some righties always claim, because as you remember times were good in the 90's and we got out of debt and accumulated a surplus. Along came an election thief called W Bush and the walls came tumbling down. McCain will assure that the walls stay down as the debt will continue to mount if he is elected.

    Obama will repeal the tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and will give additional cuts to middle America.

  • We are going to get our comeuppance. Now we will have to pay the piper. That's what happens when morons vote a moron into the Oval Office.

    What did you expect when more voters believe in UFOs than believe in evolution. They vote against abortion and get Iraq. They vote against gay marriage and get tax cuts for the rich. They vote against liberals and get low fuel efficiency standards and e.coli in spinach and an unregulated mortgage industry. The morons always fall for the bait and switch.

    And don't go looking for solutions. That would require an educated public which requires federal education standards and federal control of schools so that the local politicians can't dumb education down to show high graduation rates while filling their pockets.

    The morons will always vote against competence because the right wing nuts will call it BIG GOVERNMENT!! and who wants that?.

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    There's no doubt we're in for tough times. For decades, probably.

    I wish we could look to Congress for solutions, but they've been a failure for years.

    With the old timers of Kennedy, Byrd ,Reid & so many others, it's hypocritical for them to say they've done a great job. After all their time in office THEY are the ones responsible for the problems we face.

    Source(s): What's that Depression era son? "Body, can you spare a dime?" or $4.50 for a cappuchino
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    personally i'd much rather spend the $ on helping our own poor(maybe not as a handout but in some form of assistance) than spend it obliterating another country, in the process creating more enemies and having to rebuild said country. i guess this is why i'm voting against mccain and detest the policies of our current administration.

  • Brian
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    I don't recall any "more wars" rhetoric. McCain claims to want to end pork barrel spending in DC and keep the tax cuts in place which is basically the opposite of what Obama wants to do so I'll go with McCain..

    It is true that McCain has flip flopped some on the tax issue but Obama hasn't. He WILL raise taxes for ALL of us and redistribute it as he and the Democrats in Congress see fit. As for the wasteful spending it won't be spent by the Executive Branch as they are not authorized to spend a dime, maybe Congress can find something useful to do with it or maybe even return it to the taxpayers (fat chance)..

    Also tax cuts don't necessarily equal tax revenue decrease. Raising taxes is no guarantee that actual revenues will increase..

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    I am no political or economic expert. I know how to budget though, and I know I cant spend more than I get. I know that this country is eating the middle class alive. I know that we are hard workers earning a good wage that doesnt begin to go far enough, and we have never qualified for help with anything!!!! I know the current economy is kicking our behinds!!! I dont see anyone getting us out of this mess soon!!! It is too messed up right now to expect immediate change, and I dont care who is voted into office. They aint gonna help us!!! It is going to get worse before it gets better, so hang on to your faith, and your money.!!!

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    We will have to work on keeping our sense of humor and relearn to help each other out emotionally, spiritually and otherwise. For the fecal matter that runs this country has NO regard for HUMANITY, human life, morals and or respect. All they care about is filling their pockets. They outsourced the US and made almost every Country HATE due to their greed. With any luck these so called leaders will go directly to hELL. Have a nice day.

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    Ultimately, each person will have to come up with their own solutions. Our government is a dog off its leash and madly dashing down the road while the owner stands there with the broken leash wondering what happened.

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    To Charles & Elizabeth...I totaly agree, but what middle class...I don't think we actaully have one left.

    to dlk...do you know that socialism and facism are not interchangible? and we live in a facist state already.

    to mec...really you think we are the riches nation? is that why we are currently borrowing any money we are spending from China? no we are not third world, but I think its about time we as americans get over the mentality that we are the best nation on earth and take our place amount the number of great nations where we belong before we become just another failed experiement....People need to realize we are still a rather young country comparatively speaking, and while we had our rise and were on top of the world for a long time, we are on that downward slope now and things need to change before we fall further down.

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