Does anyone have an idea of the life expectancy for a 62 yr. old man with leukemia?

My uncle was newly diagnosed and is a little sketchy with providing details to the family...he wasn't even going to tell my mother (to spare her from the added stress).

He has a history of congestive heart failure & has insulin-dependent diabetes (he's not in the best of health)...sorry I can't provide any further details because I haven't been able to talk to him about it yet.

I do know that his white blood cell count is over 35,000 & his spleen is severly enlarged...guess I'm just looking for some idea of what to expect.

I am already expecting the worst considering his overall health.

I've already done some research & would appreciate any & all input.

Thanks Folks!

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    Hi Ivyvine. I have leukemia. CML. Eight years ago they told me that I had one to three years to live. I am 53 years old. I take chemo (Gleevec) each day. Your uncle needs to stay away from sick people since his immune system is going to be not-too-great. I try to exercise each day. I have people that love me and keep my spirits up. Try to be upbeat around him. Tell him you love him. Let him talk if he wants to. Good luck to your uncle, to you, and your family. Take care.

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    There are many variables that must be considered to arrive at a prognosis, including the exact type of cancer, the staging, general health, and so on. Leukemia occasionally kills people fairly quickly, but it also may be completely cured in some cases, leading to a fully normal lifespan. It's just too difficult to speculate based on the limited information you've provided.

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