What's so good about drinking beer?

I'm 19 year old male ,never had drank beer except I only tried a sip when I was a little kid and thought it taste bad.Just wondering because would it seems alot of people drink that stuff and would it effect my social life in making new friends just because I don't drink?

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    never feel pressured into drinking. i've had a friend be put on life support because she drank too much, and you do NOT want to be in that state. it was horrible for all of us. especially if you're starting out and you decide you do want to drink, limit yourself.

    some people just don't like beer. i hate beer. corona with a lime in it is tolerable and some ales are okay, but i'd still rather be drinking some kool-aid or something, haha.

    no one will think poorly of you if you don't drink. my ex was in a fraternity and about 1/4 of the guys didn't drink and no one said anything to them about it. tell them you just don't like it and if they're your real friends they won't try to get you to drink. anyone who tries to pressure you into is is not worth knowing anyway.

    i'm 22 and started drinking very early and wish i would have waited. there were several times i drank much more than i should have and i'm surprised i didn't end up in the hospital like my friend. basically i was too young to realize how much i could handle and when someone comes up to you "come on, take another shot, just one more", you feel obligated to drink it.

    my advice is to wait until you know you want to drink and don't do it for anyone else. the feelings it gives you make it addicting.


    hope i could help and good luck : )

    Source(s): college student and former sorority girl, hah
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    In addition to Black + Tans, we've made Black + Reds. That's the Lindemann's Framboise Lambic (raspberry beer) with either Brooklyn Chocolate Stout or Young's Double Chocolate Stout poured on top. The result is a chocolate-raspberry beer that is absolutely amazing, and makes a great dessert beer (also called a YoungBerry if you use the Young's) We've also mixed Blue Point Blueberry Lager with Oatmeal Stout on top, to form a Black and Blue (also called a Blueberry Pancake, because that's what it tastes like) There's nothing wrong with mixing beers, especially when they have 2 flavors that also mix well in the world of food. But they should be 2 very different consistencies, like stout and lager.

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    What is so good about drinking beer?

    There is the fact it is the oldest known man made beverage and the reason we stopped banging rocks together in caves... planted farms and built villages.

    It is the reason the human race isn't extinct. Water during the dark ages was so polluted that it was killing people in the thousands. Europeans recognized this and started drinking beer or adding high proof liquor to stop from getting sick.

    The need for beer prompted both Columbus and the Pilgrims to make landfall.

    George Washington's inability to make a decent brew forced his soldiers to fight that much harder so they could get their hands on the German mercenaries' beer at the battle of Valley Forge... the turning point in the American Revolution.

    Lower ABV beers have been shown to help fight cancer.

    Stouts are high in iron and lactose. To things needed by pregnant women.

    Unfiltered beers are an excellent source of vitamin B.

    I'll stop with the whys... but will go on about how what you drank was most likely a poor example of what beer is. Beer is not brewed with corn and/or rice fillers(Budweiser/Miller/Coors/Yuengling), it is brewed with traditional ingredients and pride. Real beer has many flavors and varieties. Real beer is a tradition and the most noble of all beverages.

    Thank you for your time,


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    If they don't accept for who you are you shouldn't call them your friends. real friends don't stop being friends because someone does or does not drink bear or any other alcohol. And if you don't drink and they do, you are sooo much smarter than them! YOUshould be the one looking for better friends not them.

    And by the way: I don't like beer either, maybe a glass of wine every once in a while.

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    You don't need to drink beer to further improve your social life. Drinking is really bad, and it gives you a beer belly, too. Beer bellies are a real turn-off to girls, you know. It's unhealthy, too. It makes you go drunk and lets you do things that you will regret. And yes, it really tastes bad! Please don't drink. It's not worth it. :)

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    everything is good about beer, drink as much as you possibly can, throw up, and drink more.

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    The buzzzzzzzzzzzz

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    Drinking is bad and it ruins people's lives.....don't be worried that you make friend's because you don't..... a lot of people really don't care if their friends do or not

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    everything.so quit trolling the internet and run to the store and get some beer

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    nothing it just kills your life and makes you act silly

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