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Debbie asked in TravelUnited StatesChicago · 1 decade ago

what is your honest opinion about Plainfield IL, considering moving the any information would be great?

are the schools good? are the gangs? are the people friendly?

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    What's with all the tornado talk.I've lived here 10 years and yet to know of a tornado that actually touched down.Around 1989 there was a really bad one.We have some bad wind and hail but no tornadoes in Plainfield.

    In the past Plainfield has grown by leaps and bounds.Now housing has slowed down.The schools have had a hard time keeping up.Every year at least one new school opens.Coming in August is the new Plainfield South High School.The farther North you go the more expensive the houses and affluent neighborhoods.

    Also taxes are Not Low.I have a 280,000 house and taxes are about 6,300 a year.People who think Will County has low taxes are misled.

    All in all it's not too bad.

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    Plainfield is extremely over crowded.

    To get from the south end to the north end could take you 45 minutes for a 15 mile drive.

    However, it is very convinent to get to 55.

    The schools are OK. They are getting worse as time goes on and more people from the city relocate out here. Yes there is gang related activity in the high school. But generally it just effects those kids, they don't really "bother" anyone.

    Some people are friendly, some are not. Some are angry that Plainfield has grown so much and it doesn't really have that "farm town" vibe anymore.

    Source(s): Live here.
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    The people are friendly, the schools are good, there is a lot of new housing available at prices that are reasonable for the Chicago area.

    The big problem is that they tend to get hit by tornadoes very frequently. You could not pay me to move there.

    You might like Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, Naperville or Geneva. They all are on commuter train lines that are convenient to Chicago, and they are outstanding communities. Right now, real estate is a buyer's market. You could find a good buy that will appreciate when the market normalizes.

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    plainfield is a pretty nice, quiet (for the most part) little burb.

    Here is the Plainfield,Il police department website link

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    years ago, when they had the building boom, it was supposed to be a nice place with good schools. now, however, it's over crowded and i'm told the school districts aren't all they were thought to be. i'd find somewhere else to move.

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    1 decade ago

    It's about as interesting as Joliet is. lol

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    depends on your race and culture.

    it can be heaven to some and hell to others.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    tornados seem to like it...

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