Movements Department Edmonton Military Base?

Hi I am trying to find out who to contact within the military regaring the "Movements Department"... we need a number to contact... this is regarding getting my sons wife out to see him, they have been apart since mariage due to my sons posting.

Thank you for your help


Edmonton Alberta Canada

Update 2:

OK, I was under the impression that only military and military wives were allowed such a thing available to them, obviousely not just for anyone.

Was I given wrong info by many in the Canadian forces?

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    There are several different units at CFB Edmonton. The first step would be to contact his unit. Call directory assistance for Edmonton and ask them for the number for the base switchboard. Give the switchboard his unit and ask to speak to the unit Orderly Room.

    Generally, the military does not pay for a 'first move'. If your son was posted in Edmonton, and went elsewhere to marry, it's your son's responsibility and expense to move her to Edmonton. Once he's accomplished that, any subsequent postings would be paid for.

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    We do not have a movement department and if we did it would violate security to put thing in an open source.

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