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Reshafting Nike T40 3 wood?

i broke my three wood shaft at the driving range, and originally was going to buy a new 3 wood, but decided recently just to get it reshafted because i really like the feel of the club. So i am looking at a NV or original Pro-Force. What weight should i go for, lighter (55) medium (65) or heavier (75). Also does anyone know the tip size, is it just .335? My handicap is around 9, and i tend to play the ball more left to right.

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    The 55 and 65 really light shafts are generally used in drivers, I would say you want a 75 gram for a 3 wood. I am not sure of the tip diameter of the Nike 3 wood, best check with them to make sure you get the correct shaft.

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    The problem is that the SHAFT is the reason you like the club. The head doesn't matter so much. If you change the shaft from it's spec that you like, chances are you will take the club out to hit it and it will FEEL completely different. I know this from many years of tinkering with clubs. The shaft is the "heart" of any club. If you screw with it, you may never like it again. I have changed shafts in my Ping S58 a dozen times, sometimes twice a day. They can go from great to suck, back to great, just as a result of the different shafts. It's a bigger deal that they teach us in the golf comsumer world.

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