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legal to marry under 18?

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    Depends on how FAR under 18, and on the laws of your unknown country and/or State or Province.

    In all US States people under 18 can marry at 16 or 17 if they have their parents permission, or a judges permission.

    In some States parental permission OR judicial permission alone is enough at even lower ages. In some States, marriages below age 16 requires a judge to approve the marriage even if the parents give permission.

    The minimum age to marry with your parents consent varies widely. A handful of States have NO minimum age at all. (Even in those States, though, a parent could be criminally charged with child abuse, or child endangerment, for approving an unreasonably young marriage)


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    not at 16 w/out parents permission and same 17.When you are 18 you are considered an adult.

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    Just need your parents or legal guardians permission.

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