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i am in gr 7 (im 13 dont worry) and im really good at art, so i want to get into an art high school. the nearest one near me is Canterbury High school in Ottawa, ontario. if you go there could i have like a review or somethin and if u dont id like 2 know if art schools are all that great. THNX!

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    You don't have to go to a special art school (high school). Just take all the art classes you can in your home town high school. Then pick a college that is premier in ART. Like U of Kansas Lawrence, KS is great art school. Also there are special ART COLLEGES ~ Minneapolis has the Minneapolis Art Institute, Chicago has the Chicago Art Institute, and I"m sure there are many many others. Pick one that is your style. Meanwhile you are being as creative as you can be in the high school in your home town. I think Art H.S. are harder to get into ~ and cost alot more money than public schools. They are like private schools. Wait til College when you have to pay anyway ~ or if you are really good (have a great portfolia) you can get a scholarship to an Art college.

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