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Does anybody know what cows/chicken/pigs are fed in slaughter houses?

I have to do a project

where i create a menu on what animals eat

when they are in slaughter houses

if you could leave ressources that would really help!


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    Animals that are eventually turned into food are not fed at the slaughter house. That's where they are killed.

    You should pick up the book "Fast Food Nation" by Eric Schlosser. There are two or three *very* informative chapters about what the animals are fed on factory farms and what happens to them during the slaughtering process. Those chapters are not super long and you'll find out a lot of good stuff.

    Good luck on your project.

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    Animals are not fed for 12 to 24 hours before they are slaughtered. It allows the slaughter house workers to remove their organs more easily. It also helps them bleed faster.

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    They aren't fed on the killing floor. It does not serve them well for the animals to have food in their systems. They feed on grains and corn in most places depending on the animal. Different animals need different proportions of protein and the feed is calculated based on the laying hens get a different mix then the meat hens for example.

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    Chicken is usually fed corn, Cows are usually fed wheat. The increase in whole grains pricing is directly related to the increase of beef and chicken in the diets of asian nations. Pigs are fed slop a mix of wheat, corn and vegatable refuse.

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    i don't have resources.

    however, when they are in "storage", to say bluntly, they are fed corn feed, grains and just typical animal feed. once they are in the slaughterhouse, they don't really eat..... :(

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    I really dont think they are fed... they are not going there to eat they are going so we can eat... sorry i dont have a website for it tho..

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    not a whole lot of any thing wants their in there their done, if you know what i mean

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