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Who is one of the best football (american) players with lots of touchdowns?


famous too

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    Weird question but, Jerry Rice was great as a receiver. Emmit Smith was an awersome runner. The two best active touchdown scoring runners and receivers are Randy Moss and LaDanian Tomlinson. As a passer Brett Favre was the most prolific scorer all time, and currently it's Peyton Manning.

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    You should know the answer if your a football fan but if you're new to the game here's some: Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, Joe Montanta, Jerry Rice, Dan Marino. Just to name a few.

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    depends on what position... for me since i am a Packers fan i will say anyone who sported the green and gold but to be realistic:

    QB: Brett Favre and Steve Young in a close 2nd.

    WR: Jerry Rice

    RB: Barry Sanders (i hate the Bears so i would never say Walter Payton)

    LB: Ray Nitchske

    DE: Howie Long

    Source(s): Packers fan since i slid out of the womb...
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    Jerry Rice is probably the best athlete to ever touch a football.

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    Dan Marino..... Jerry Rice

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    Brett Farve he has the Most Ever.

    Source(s): The DARKNIGHT of Football
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    pyton manning is the best now of all time joe montana

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    jerry rice, barry sanders, emmitt smith, brett farve, randy moss

    there are many more

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    steve smith!

    that one year when we put peppers on offence so every one went after him and left smith wide open for tuch downs

    great year

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    1 decade ago

    joe nammoth

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