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I Need help finding flight info on southwest airlines can anyone help me?

Im looking for good price on a round way flight to Austin from Harlingen TX and also a one way flight, can anyone help me?

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    Just go to and then click on "Book a Flight" and fill that out. When it comes up, you want the "Wanna get away?" fare. That is always the lowest available fare. It should be available unless you are purchasing the ticket less than 7 days before your trip. If you are purchasing it less than 7 days before, the lowest available will be the "Anytime" fare.

    Source(s): Southwest Airlines employee
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    Why are you asking on Answers.? when you should be looking on Expedia or even ASKING SOUTHWEST AIRLINES... they DO have a web site, you know... that that is the cheapest and most update information on THEIR flights.

    You are not going to FIND a cheap flight to ANYWHERE on any airline now.. they don't exist.

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    you just have to go to and go to book flight. then type in the dates and other info.. it will give you a list of flights to choose from, then pick the cheapest one.

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