In world of warcraft can my character go between pvp and pve realms?

Meaning, if i create a character and use him in pve and then one day for a change decide to enter a pvp realm, can I go back and forth like that? How exactly does it work? Do I have to stay in the same realm and then just switch from pve to pvp?

Also how do I do it?

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    Actually, you asked a few questions.

    First, you can make characters on multiple realms. Ten characters per every realm you choose. The characters you make stay on the realm made. Server transfers will be mentioned soon.

    PvP realm means after the starting zone areas, you are free-game to be killed or kill others. Only a very very small amount of area is "safe" where you can't be drawn into fighting unless you choose. You are always "flagged" except those few safe areas.

    PvE realm means you are safe to level and only PvP when you choose to "flag" yourself, enter a Battleground, or enter an Arena. Battlegrounds and Arenas exist in PvP realms as well.

    Battlegrounds are like "mini-games" that place you in a large map where you all fight to the death doing things like capture the flag and controlling resources, etc. They are known as BGs for short. It is Horde vs Allaince and you can start at level 10 in the major cities. They are the main form of PvP. They are in brackets of level 10-19, 20-29, 30-39, etc. You can enter low level but expect to be not much help and a main target of enemies. Wait until higher in lvl of the bracket. PvE and PvP realms both can do BGs. Infact, the realms are linked in those maps and those maps only. Meaning you will see players from other realms. They are usually balanced in the number of Horde vs Alliance.

    Arenas are located in your realm. They are areas that once you walk onto the ground, you are free game to be killed by ANY player. This includes players on your faction. They are few, and very small. You need to be in a group with players to not end up actually hurting them by accident if you choose to enter. Gurubashi is the most well known and can be read about on wowwiki.

    Lastly, to PvP against the other faction anywhere in your realm, you can flag yourself. Remember, on a PvP realm you are only safe in very small areas. But in PvE realms you need to flag to fight. You do this by attacking a flagged enemy, healing a flagged friend, or typing /pvp. After you are flagged, you will stay flagged for as long as you fight or help those fighting. You will unflag after 5 min of being non-aggressive. If you typed /pvp to flag yourself, it will STAY on until you type it again and wait 5 min. The command /pvp is a toggle.

    You can only kill opposite faction players. Not players on your faction. Except in the Arenas where it is free-game. There are 4 colors to the name tags over players to show you if they are flagged.

    Blue players are normal players that are not flagged. Enemy faction players look this way as well as Friends.

    Green players are on your faction. They are "Friends" that are flagged. If you assist them, you will flag.

    Yellow players are enemy faction players that flagged while you are not flagged. They basically are waiting to be attacked to start a fight, since they can't attack you. Hitting them flags you.

    Red players are enemy faction that are flagged AND you are flagged. They are Red to show you that they CAN attack you if they notice you.

    Server transfers are when you take a character of atleast a certain level and pay cash to move them to another realm. Sometimes, transfers are free but it is rare and only to select low population realms.

    Since PvP realms are harder to level on, those characters can transfer to any other realm, PvP or PvE. But PvE players can only transfer to other PvE realms. This is so players don't "speed" level on a PvE server and then transfer to PvP. Once on a PvE realm, even if you used to be PvP realm, you can never go back to PvP realms.

    Hope that answers everything.

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    You can make a character on a PVP realm and transfer to a PVE realm or another PVP realm. You cannot transfer from a PVE realm to a PVP realm. However, there is a 1-2 month cool down before you can switch again, not to mention another $25 charge.

    Source(s): Transfered from Stonemaul(PVP) to Staghelm(PVE)
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    You cannot transfer a character from a PvE realm to a PvP realm. However, you can transfer a PvP realm character to a PvE realm.

    This is because of the difficulty involved in leveling on a PvP server. It would be too easy to exploit if a person could level without PvP ramifications (on a PvE server) and then transfer over to a PvP server. It would not be fair to the "citizens" of that realm.

    You may, however, decide that you're done with PvP realms for a character, and transfer him/her to a PvE realm.

    If you decided to switch from a PvP realm to a PvE realm, or simply change to a different server in the same realm-type, you should go to Account Management on and enter your information there first. It should be a fairly straightforward process.

    Transferring a character between servers costs $25USD, and has a 1-month cooldown, meaning you can only transfer servers once per 30-day period.

    Source(s): Paid Transfer FAQ: (See Realm Restrictions) Same FAQ on Blizzard's Support Site:
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    No. Once you make a character in a PvE or PvP realm, you can only transfer to another PvE or PvP realm. You cannot switch between. You may switch servers but only ones that correspond with yours if its pvp or pve. You go to, go into account management, and then you look under character transfer. They will take you from there. It also costs money so be prepared and decide if its worth the character to transfer

    btw.. the guys above me are wrong, ive tried it before

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    1 decade ago

    I believe you can transfer from a pvp realm to pve but you can't go from pve to pvp.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You have to stay in the realm that you choose. But in a pvp realm you can do pve and vice versa. You also can pay to change realms.

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  • 1 decade ago

    When you create a character you can't switch realms when you want. However you can transfer realms. To transfer realms( move your character from the realm he/she is currently on to another ) you must go to your account management page at . Once you are there you have to go to paid character transfer and there you can transfer your character but it will cost you $25.00. You can flag yourself for PVP combat in your current realm that way you can fight others with PVP combat toggled on without having to go to battlegrounds.

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    Yeah, you can't switch from PVE to PVP realms.. but - You can /pvp that flags you so u can fight with the horde players u come across.. Or you could PVP in warsong/ AB/ AV...

    Which you can just waltz up to a battle master in any MAJOR town to enter the Que- for the next avail. fight.

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  • 1 decade ago

    read ammon v's comment 100% right

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