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what does jibs or "nice jibs" mean??

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    According to urban dictionary

    Your teeth, but can be used to refer to any of the general visible mouth area.

    "Crack you in the jibs, if you ain't careful" , "You better watch your mouth 'cause you about to get busted in the jibs"

    teeth gums mouth lips or front-teeth.

    2. Jibs

    jaws,jaw,mouth and/or using any one of them excessively.

    "I met this chick at a party last night that I thought was hot,but all she wanted to do was run her jibs about her ex-boyfriend,I was SO not into that."

    3. jibs

    those little bits of skin you see just peeking out from under a pair of daisy dukes on a tight posterior.

    dang ma, i can see your jibs.

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    What Does Jib Mean

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    The jib sail is that smaller sail on the front of a 2-sail sailboat, and is used for tacking when sailing against the wind. So, anything that sticks out front, and shifts your eyes toward it, will make it noticeable. Being a girl, I, er, am aware what a guy will notice...

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    jibs means teeth from what i have heard. If you say "nice jibs" or "your jibs look nice" that means your teeth look nice or nice teeth

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    It depends upon how they are saying it...

    Years ago, 'Nice Jibs' meant 'Nice legs' as in 'nice giblets' <turkey legs>

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