Speeding ticket?

I got my first ever (driving since 2000) a speeding ticket while driving on Hwy 10, north Orangeville.

The police measured my speed while driving (cruiser was not stationary) from the opposite direction. I can't believe the speed he told me and I am really sure I wasn't going that fast! The fine is $220 and I will earn 4 demerit points if convicted. Can somebody share any expereince/info related to a case like this?

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    It is nearly impossible to show evidence you were not speeding. This will come down to the officer's testimony, which is almost always given strong credibility.

    Most will agree your best bet is to admit your mistake, and try to get a reduced fine or a diversionary program such as traffic school.

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    If you do what hamik is stating in his answer, all you are going to do is **** off the judge. And you may ruin any chance of a plea as Trooper said to try to get.

    If you want a shoving contest as the validity of the officers radar, it will not be hard to provide the court the calibration logs. Never get into a pissing contest with a judge. You will always lose.

    Trooper is correct. Admit that you made a mistake & be an adult in this situation. If it would help, you could plead No Contest instead of Guilty.


    It just clicked where you're located. I am used to answering US speeding questions. You got popped by OPP.

    You definitely don't want to get into a pissing contest with them or a Canadian judge.

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    You can easily fight this ticket. If the officer didn't use a radar or laser speed detector, it is purely his subjective opinion and he has no proof you were speeding and won't stand up in court. However if he did use a speed measuring device, fight it in court anyway and ask the court to have the officer provide the calibration certificate and if the device can compensate for him going the opposite direction. The device must compensate for his exact speed going in the opposite direction. Keep in mind all speed measuring device requires the reader to be stationary such as parked behind a sign or tree. You'll get off by going to court, he probably won't show up due to his weak evidence.

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    you have no chance. I keep a radar log, my radar is accurate for both moving and stationary speeds. I "check" the calibration at the start of every shift and after each ticket. the radar is only calibrated at the factory and is sent back in if our calibration "check" shows problems. you can ask for all the paper work you want, I have it. and, please come to court as I get paid overtime for that. sweet, court....a new gun or other toy.

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    I've have heard, but never used this defense, haven't needed to so far. Elect to go to court, ask that the officer provide the date of calibration of the equipment used for speeding violation. Ofcourse tell the judge there was no way you were going as fast as ticket states, and wanted to appear as you feel it equipment error. Maybe ask this as a question, perhaps someone has tried it.

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    Well if he shot your speed from a laser radar then you are LUCKY! Don't listen to the 16 year law guy, that's pathetic...admit your guilt? first thing you do is NEVER admit your guilt. If he measured you with a radar then your good, it's easy to beat it with that, but if he GUESSED your speed, then guess what...it's his word over yours. I got a ticket going 60 on a 40 street, i went to court, pleaded NOT GUILTY (you should to) then asked for the Radar gun logs, guess what? the officer did not have them and i heard the most beautiful words. Case Dismissed. If it was a guess from a policemen, your screwed. If it was radar, your safe. Also if they have the logs, you SHOULD ask for the machine that CHECKS the radar...for papers. Laser Radar = to easy to beat.

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    i would plead not guilty force him into court and make him prove that he can guess my speed going in opposite direction

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    Welcome to the club SLOW DOWN

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