The stangers film?

At the start of the film "The Strangers" it says that this movie is based on a true story, is this true or are they saying it just to make you scared.

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    Hollywood has sneakily made a difference between the words based and inspired. Apparently, inspired is made up while based on is truly based on a true story. The Strangers was a great movie in my opinion however, it was "inspired by a true story". The Strangers was loosely based on various home invasion murders, including The Manson Murders, and based upon an Austrian couple that was murdered by three teenagers in their vacation home in The Czech Republic.

    The True Story Behind the New Movie "The Strangers" is a mixture of three stories.

    The killers, a principle male assailant and female accomplices, is based upon Charles Manson and the Manson killings.

    The frantic "there's blood everywhere" 911 phone call and "bounding to a chair and stabbing" was based on the killings in Cabin 28.

    The basic story of a couple being terrorized by a group of people was based on the famous killing in the Czech Republic, which was also made into a French Film titled Ils, translated to mean "Them."

    In the Czech Republic murders, an Austrian couple are terrorized in their vacation home by three teenagers and are later killed in the forest when they try to escape. BUT, a concrete source for this alleged crime has yet to be found other than countless blog postings, leading most people to believe that the story was engineered much like the Blair Witch Project, to give Directors a legal excuse to claim that it was based on a "True Story."

    In the Cabin 28 murders, the daughter of a woman walks into a cabin where her mother, brother, and brother's female friend were staying only to find them stabbed and hammered to death. She calls 911 frantically repeating "there's blood everywhere," which there was although no one heard anything all night.

    This took a few hours to finally piece together, but I noticed that no one else had figured it out and wanted to be the first to say, "I cracked the story."

    So in the end The Strangers inspired by aTrue Story claim is definitely true, but a combination of several stories to appeal to general audiences. That's Hollywood, but, as scary as it may be, also real life.

    (By the Way...Bryan Bertino...the writer and director admitted to this.)

    hope this helps:) much love xoxo

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    When movies say based on a true story, all that means is that something in the storyline happend. The story did not happen. it was not based on these murders, the inspiration came from the Manson Family Killings in L.A.

    THe movie Hostel directed by eli roth, also says Based on a true story yet in his commentaries, he claims the inspiration came from a website his friend found in Tai land, where you can pay money to shoot someone in the head. that is quite different from what you saw in the movie Hostel.

    Hope that helps

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    half true half not

    when the director was a kid he was vacationing with his family and this lady kept coming to the house they were at asking for someone who wasn;t there. they heard about robberies in the area before that happened..

    but then from using parts of true stories he came up with the strangers.. so it is technically "based" on true events

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    When people say something is "based" on a true story, they're using the term "based" VERYYYY loosely.

    Yes, the story was based on a true story, but many details have been changed.

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    the movie's not exactly what happened. The only part that is true is probably only found two people dead like that and the kids that found them like that. i'm sure they made up the whole thing about the people in masks, characters and the proposal and everything else about them.

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    it's true

    but it doesn't have to be exactly the same as the true story

    It is just based on it.

    something in the story is similar

    I didn't like the movie but I would like to know what it is based on!

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    They wouldnt state it was a true story if it wasnt... they're not allowed to do that. Yes, it's a true story.

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    yes it is a true story

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    many people think it is just based on other films.

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    it is true. I try not to think of it lol.

    It did happen. shudddeerrrr.....

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