I need fashion advie!?

Ok so basically we have a school dance thing, so i bought a plain old dress, then i find out we have a theme. Through the ages so basically 60s 70s 80s, you get the picture. What can I do (accesories, etc.) to make it vintage-y???

Heres the dress:


I have no clue what to do hopefully you do:)


Also if you can try to find pictures thanks soo much:)

Update 2:

this is for a year end thing...i dont really care what anyone thinks about the dress i just need some help..


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    You could make that eighties...

    Get big hair, lace gloves (like the Madonna ones that everyone wore), bright colored leggings (turquoise would be good), or leg warmers but that might be weird with a dress, big gold earrings, jacket with shoulder pads, and add a big black belt.

    (obliviously don't wear all that at once)

    If you have seen 13 Going on 30 think of the beginning of that:black with really bright colors.

    Source(s): http://www.payless.com/Catalog/ProductDetail.aspx?... OMG these are the perfect 80's shoes...
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    1. thats an ugly dress

    2. you still have school?

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