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will the drive test center allow me to write my m1 test with only a birth certificate and sin number?

i live in toronto ontario i want to write my m1 test and i dont have any i.d with a picture i only have a birth certificate and a sin number even my health card is old with no pic and i have been on all there web sites and cant find anything and trying to call has been even more of a waste of time( automated voice services suck) can anyone help me please i wanna go monday morning.....................thanks

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    You don't need a picture ID

    A Canadian or US Birth Certificate or Certified Copy of Statement of Live Birth (issued by Ontario only) plus any one of the acceptable documents for proof of signature may satisfy proof of legal name, complete date of birth and signature.

    Note: A birth certificate can be received within 15 days of application through Service Ontario through the following link:

    The following documents are acceptable for proof of signature*:

    * Driver's Licence (Canadian and US only)

    * Identity Card with signature (issued by Canadian province/territory or US state authority)

    * Canadian Certificate of Indian Status

    * Ontario Student Card with signature

    * Ontario Health Card with applicant's signature (Clients may choose to produce their Ontario Health Card for proof of signature. The Health Card and Health Number will not be recorded or photocopied)

    * A Department of National Defense (DND Identity Card)

    Note: If an applicant is unable to present one of the above documents as proof of signature, the applicant may present an original, completed 'Declaration from a Guarantor' form attesting to their signature. Applicants must first ensure that no other acceptable documents for signature are available from the list identified above.

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