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what is different between the dessert storm uniform and the pressent gulf war uniform?

outside of the cam pattern, what is different between the 2 uniforms as well as the infantry gear?


what body armour is better fitting for women, the first gulf war body armour or the new stuff?

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    Good question, besides the pattern that you are talking about they no longer use "gator clips". They've replaced the old vests with ones with the same plates but they have an abdominal support in the back that helps distribute the weight. The canteens are no longer required to have the plastic cover over the mask insert holes, and as mentioned before the M4 is popular. Also most units use the ACH now instead of the Kevlars. Of course the desert boots are used now instead of the old black boots too.

    As to females: The ACH is much easier to adjust around a Bun, and is so much comfier as it doesn't pull your hair as much as the Kevlar. The new outfits are better designed for females the as the older vests lacked the abdominal supports. The support was designed to proportion the weight better for females as females carry weight distribution better on the hips and legs rather than upper body shoulder regions. The new rucksacks have better abdominal supports too. The old bags had metal racks that were found to be causing hip fractures in short waisted females due to the placement on the body. The size was adjusted and abdominal support added. The pocket on the calf near the foot is a perfect size to carry a tampon. Just puttin that out there. Hope this answers your questions. And yes the pen holders are very helpful. The inserts for the knees and elbows are nice feels much better low crawling over rocks with cushy padding inbetween... that is IF you ever use them. Granted, that goes for males and females. ;)

    Source(s): The pen holder, inserts, rucks, vests, Kevlar v ACH and tampon pocket... experience.
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    well the old choc chips we wore back then. Now the new uniforms are easier to wear. I know the Marine Corps uniform has slot for knee and elbow padding. The Army ACU has all kinds of stuff for it pen holders and Manchurian collars and slots for pads not sure what else and the Air Force has a new uniform too, havent seen it to close yet. As far as body armor i like the new stuff fits alot better than the flak jackets

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    more advanced today, armor and whatnot, instead of the desert camo, we have digital camo, and i think the helmet is a little different. Infantry gear: i think we use the m4 more than we use the m-16 nowadays, thats all I know.

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    pattern of camoflage

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