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I have an eassy to write and need some help about the causes of The Industrial Revolution?

i need 3 causes

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    New sources of power including the steam engine freed manufacturers to experiment with new ways to make products. Steam power was more reliable than water power and allowed expansion of machine production. A period of rapid industrial growth resulted, starting in Britain in the 1700s and then spreading around the world as more countries adopted mass production. This period of time is known as the Industrial Revolution. Handmade goods were quickly replaced by less expensive machine-made goods. The production of cloth by machines changed the textile industry. The nature of supply and demand changed because manufactured goods were produced faster and more cheaply; the nature of work changed as factory laborers replaced craftspeople and home production. The expansion of mechanized production in the United States began after the Civil War and peaked in the 1920s just before the Great Depression. This is considered a second Industrial Revolution. The demand for raw materials and labor to maintain production led to exploitation of the natural environment and of workers.

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    I would ask you to refer the history textbook of 10 std.In that see chapter 3 and you will get your answer as i have recently written my SSC exams.

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    Go do your own homework.

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