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Help... what does this mean??

So.. I have obsession with my hair while i am out partying . When I wear my hair down, I am constantly caressing and swirling it. Any ideas.. on what it means???

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    The hair twirling is a stim. Self-stimming is to hype up the nervous system or to calm it down. Probably in your case it is to calm down since you do it partying (around a lot of people)

    I do this too, and many more stims

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    It could mean that you're nervous. O.o

    Or maybe your confidence is within your hair, so you are constantly messing with possibly because it brings you comfort.

    Think about it.

    I mean, if I was wearing a brand new, beautiful top that absolutely flattered my body, I'd check it out every time I passed by a mirror just to make sure it looks okay - because that's where I placed my CONFIDENCE.

    So, maybe subconsciously - or consciously - your mind is making sure "it's still there" or that "it still looks good," so that you can continue to party without being shy or whatever. (;

    hope you get what I mean, lol.

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    It really means nothing, you just need to find something to do with your hands. Keep a glass in one and wave to people with the other one. Are you a hairdresser by chance?

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    Nervousness. Or if you are speaking to or are around someone you are attracted to it could mean you like that person, you are flirting or possibly a little shy. I don't think it means anything bad though. :)

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    If it's not causing you any problems... it really means nothing except you do it.

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