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hey...anyone watch today's game?

portugal vs. switzerland.

i missed it cause i was travelling.

I know they lost =( but they are still moving on however, which is awesome.

but who was playing today? like did scolari play deco and ronaldo at all because I heard he played mostly secondaries.

please someone let me know!!

or does any one know where I can find that info out?

thanks to everyone who answers. =)

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    the following line-ups was put up by Luiz Felipe Scolari during the final group match against SWITZERLAND which PORTUGAL lost 2-0:

    1 Alexandre Ricardo Ricardo

    5 Fernando Jose Meira

    13 Luis Miguel Monteiro

    2 Paulo Renato Ferreira (14 Jorge Manuel Ribeiro, 41')

    15 Képler Laveran Lima Ferreira @ Pepe

    3 Bruno Eduardo Alves

    17 Ricardo Quaresma

    6 Raul Jose Meireles

    19 Luís Carlos Almeida da Cunha @ Nani

    18 Miguel Luis Veloso (10 João Moutinho, 71')

    23 Hélder Postiga (9 Hugo Miguel Almeida, 74')


    12 Nuno Espírito Santo

    22 Rui Pedro dos Santos Patrício

    8 Armando Goncalves Petit

    4 Jose Bosingwa da Silva

    21 Nuno Gomes

    16 Alberto Ricardo Carvalho

    20 Anderson 'Deco' Souza

    11 Simão Pedro Sabrosa

    7 Cristiano Ronaldo

    14 Jorge Manuel Ribeiro

    9 Hugo Miguel Almeida

    10 João Moutinho

    the PORTUGAL coach has rested many key players as the team have already secured top spot in the group & a place in the quarter-finals. this is to ensure that they will not be injured & suspensed when the quarter-final match commence & also to give other players the experience of playing at such a high level of the competition.

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    Cowboys vs. Giants is the match up of the weekend. Dallas needs this game badly and with all the drama that has gone on this week -they are either going to explode in a good way or collapse like a house of cards - good stuff!

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    with Hakan Yakin's goal Switzerland won 1-0

    Hakan Yakin & Eren Derdiyok are the Türks who goaled against Turkish team but we are still proud of them

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    ronaldo didnt play i know that for sure and i think Deco didnt play either

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    where you can go to find all this out is the UEFA home page it's :

    it has scores, scheduels, pictures, line-ups, and team stats

    everything a uefa fan needs

    hope it helps ;)

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    that game was cool because portugal lost.......lmao

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