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Why rent baby equipment?

Does anyone rent baby equipment when traveling? What are some good reasons... trying to decide if I should or not!


Airlines are charging an arm and a leg for luggage - it would cost us around $400.00 to bring just the staples that we would need for our twins. That doesnt include toys... just crib, baby gates, etc.

Update 2:

I have received a quote from the airline, that the costs of the extra items needed for our 2 month vacation with our twins is $398.72. So yes, it will cost around $400.

Update 3:

(And its only $40.00 a week for a crib, including bumpers, sheets and mattress)

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    I think it would be a good idea, I traveled with my 4 month old son for a month and how I wished I had all of his large things, like his swing, crib, changing table etc... but there just wasnt enough room to bring those things... I think renting is an excellent idea, just make sure to bring some antibacterial wipes with you and clean the equipment really well before using!

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    My suggestion would be to go to Tesco, Big C, Carrefour and purchase the stuff you need. When your done you can just give it to one of the homeless ladies begging on the overpasses and make merit for your future trip to Nibbana. These are just some prices I checked your may pay more or less: They have a mattress that sits on the floor and has raised sides (kind of like a mattress with the middle scooped out ) for about 750 baht ($22) Stoller from Carrefour 1799 Baht ($54) but I'm sure you can get much cheaper like 400/500 baht ($15). I see people driving motorcycles with the father daughter and mother on the seat and the baby wedged between the handlebars and the dad. Four people one motorcycle) So I don't know about car seats. I'm sure thet have them There is a chain of stores in Bangkok called Watsons where you can get diapers and formula. You can also buy at the stores above.

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    All you need are pack 'n plays for them both, and either 2 singles our double strollers (they don't usually count as checked bags), and your car seats. You probably won't have a lot of down time to have them play with toys. Either bring a few in a diaper bag, or buy some when you get there and ship them back home. It's not going to cost you 400 dollars, and renting is much more expensive than bringing your own. It can be up to a hundred dollars a day to rent a crib. SO not worth it!

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    WHAT would you possibly need to rent? What could a baby possibly need?

    We have traveled several times with my son, who is now 11 months old.

    We first traveled with him when he was 2 weeks old.

    I just packed everything I would need. We packed his Pack N Play for him to sleep in.

    I breast fed so it wasn't that hard.

    Just pack:

    Clothes, bottles, formula, diapers, wipes, and a few toys (the usual necessities) .. what more could you possibly need?

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    i renter a car seat for my 6 month old when we flew to FL. it was so much nicer than trying to lug the thing through the airport. you can rent them when you rent a car. It was $20

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