J.K Rowling?

Has she said if she's going to be writing any more books, now that the 7'th Harry Potter book is done? (I meen, she doesn't NEED too, she has more money then she could probably spend in a lifetime, BUT it would be pretty cool to see what she comes up with next.)

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    J. K. Rowling wants to write more books. She has said so in many interviews that she loves writing and she would never want to stop.

    The FAQ section of her website (http://www.jkrowling.com/) says this:

    "What are you going to write after Harry?"

    Rowling's answer: "There are things languishing in various drawers that I might return to, but I might write something completely different. I really don't know."

    She contemplated for awhile about writing under a pseudonym, but ultimately decided that, if she publishes more stories, she will still use J. K. Rowling. The media would find her no matter what name she uses, so she figured she may as well use Rowling.

    She definitely doesn't need to write more books for money, but she never wrote for money. She writes for the enjoyment of it, and the money is just an added bonus.

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    Have to say I agree with Trevor and Simulc...

    I liked Book Two alright... gave all away to some kids pretty quickly, once I read all seven.

    HOWEVER, if you want to keep track of Rowling's one-note song (and she still sings it, with word of a "prequel"), suggest you do so by reading the newspaper that always shows up on her desk at her site, for the 'real deal' stuff--


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    She is currently writing something, though if I recall correctly, its geared toward adults. I will have to go back to the Leaky Cauldron website to see if I can find the post that talks about it.

    As for Harry - the only thing she has stated she will add to the series is the Encyclopedia.

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    I've seen/heard some rumors that she wont be writing wizard books anymore and that she's going to write detective stories now. It may not be true 'cause, after all, it's a rumor.

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    I think she should continue stories from the Wizard world but totally different. Such as a story about Bill doing his Dragon stuff or some other thing

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    Last i heard she was working on two projects 1 is a political book aimed at young kids, younger then what HP was aimed at. I also belive she is working on something for aimed at adults.

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    She going to write another series for children. She has not said when or what it will be about. Her interview was posted on mugglenet.

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    I'm pretty sure that she's writing some sort of mystery book.

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    I dont' know, but she should have stopped a long time ago.

    Go ahead, give me thumbs down. I've read all seven books. They're completely meaningless. They're just clear-cut good vs. evil nearly sexless pulp wizard teen fiction. It's like Star Wars with magic instead of "the force."

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