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How much do you think oil price will rises if you invade Iran?


(specially dedicated to BUSH and MCCAIN Suporters)



''about nuclear missle warhead designs found on his computer ''

What a trustful proof isn't it? a computer will be the pretext this time to invade Iran, WOW you are a genius defenetly (sarcasm), at least it has more credibility than the afirmation about Iraq weapons of massive destruction .

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    Since it hit $140 a barrel today, I'd say the price of Oil would go well past $200 a barrel and possibly up to $400. Iran supplies the world with alot of oil and I'm sure alot of other oil producing countries would slow down production in retaliation to America attacking that country.

    stygianw... says the NYT is a liberal rag. You're wrong. NYT was one of the biggest promoters and supporters of the war in Iran. And, it is the journalists on the progressive left that first broke this story years ago. We've been wondering why Bush hasn't gone after Pakistan and insist on this 'scientist' be completely locked away. The fact remains he is only under house arrest and has access to information and the internet still. The Pakistani government and people consider this guy a hero. But then again, people as dumb as you consider Bush a hero.

  • Granny
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    I'm not really a McCain supporter, but I cannot stand Bush, and I find it hard to believe that the US let him be President for 8 years.

    However, I feel that Obama will take bad and make it worse. He has no experience with economics, and is factually known as a "pretty" politician, who has nothing to back him up. He's been called the "empty suit" by many.

    Why don't we actually get to elect the President with our votes? I believe Americans are more intelligent than Obama has imagined.

    PS Iran only supplies US with 10% of our oil. 40% comes from Canada, and 20% comes from Mexico. There would be little effect on prices due to supply. Price Gouging would be the problem.

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    Before you go all liberal on me,could you look up in the New York Times( a leftist newspaper,by the way) and Look up the story on Dr Khan from Pakistan.In short the story talks about nuclear missle warhead designs found on his computers(in various countries ,including Switzerland) and possibly sold to Iran,Libya,and North Korea.( now remember the New York Times is on your side) Why would they report a story the left doesnt believe in?Dr. Khan was a master scientist for Pakistan on centrifuge technology,you know,the same things Iran has built and continues to build.Wasnt it Iran that said they were out to annihalate Israel?Wouldnt that be starting a war?All I can tell you is do some research before you rant,because its better to be a smart @ss ,than Being a Dumb@ss!!!

    Source(s): New York Times,Morning Bell reports,Heritage
  • heins
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    3 years ago

    are you a commodities speculator or energetic dealer? no? then you're "gut feeling" isn't something extra beneficial than a lame argument to bomb some harmless human beings (the folk of Iran, not the government) using weapons whos impacts you of course have no comprehension of.

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  • TJTB
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    I was at a dinner with retired General Zinni a few nights ago and he said that if we attack Iran, we'd be looking at $20 a gallon, if and when we can find any.


    Edit: LOL to the thumb downs. Zinni was a four-star general in the United States Marine Corps and a former Commander in Chief of U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM). He was also selected to be a special envoy for the United States to the Israeli/ Palestinian conflict. I think he might know a tad bit more than our little thumbs down fairy about international affairs. lol... ;o)

  • Jim K
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    Who knows? It could go up or down. I thought the invasion of Iran was already priced into a barrel of oil?? Thanks to speculators on Wall Street. We don't even have to invade or bomb Iran. The oil goes up exponentially anyway because of speculation.

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    Uh last I looked, the US signed a truce with Iran promising never to interfere with its internal policies. Since we've adhered to that principle it won't be the US that invades.

    However, that doesn't preclude China from invading does it?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It will drop heaps. Firstly because they would kick our A##

    so there would be less demand for oil.

    Secondly if we were to invade a second country in the middle east the rest would stop supplying oil to us and we could live on our own reserves at a much better price.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They are high now because of threats from our executive branch to take aggressive measures towards them.

    OPEC has said specifically, instability in oil rich countries will cause them to slower production in case the oil is lost, thereby increase the price. The war in Afghanistan and the occupation of Iraq contribute heavily to this -- and now the threat to Iran.

    Coupled with the falling U.S. dollar and the deregulated speculation market, we are being screwed.

  • Boss H
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    1 decade ago

    It would hit and surpass $150 a barrel upon the mention of US forces getting ready to invade.

    People better get ready to go back to horse and buggy when the invasion started.

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