macbook recommended downloads?

Ok so i just got a Macbook and im completely new to the whole Apple software. What i want to know is if i should download any softwares to make it safer of improve the performance. Also is there any programs like Microsoft Word i can download for free because i know theres one version for mac but you have to pay for it. Thanks!!

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  • Wes M
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    1 decade ago
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    For Office documents download OpenOffice. To make your Mac more secure, enable the firewall in System Preferences > Security > Firewall. Select the "set access for specific services and applications" option, then click Advanced and check Enable Stealth Mode. It will start asking you whether to deny or allow connections whenever an application tries to receive a connection. You'll want to enable your web browser, any download managers, your IM client, iTunes, etc. Basically, anything you'll be using for downloading files or chatting or anything like that.

    If you need any OS X software, check out these sources:

    Some things you should download: VLC Player, Camino, Adium, AppCleaner, The Unarchiver, and Xee.

    VLC is an incredibly versatile media player. Camino is a Mac-style browser made by Mozilla. Adium is a IM app that lets you organize all of your accounts (Yahoo, AIM, MSN, Skype, whatever) into one application, and you can customize pretty much everything about it with plug-ins you download from the webiste. AppCleaner is an uninstaller that will get rid of any associated files when you want to get rid of an application. The Unarchiver is a faster and better version of OS X's built-in archive utility (for unpacking ZIP, RAR, TAR, etc. files). Xee is a replacement for Preview that let's you watch animated GIFs (which is actually the only reason I don't use Preview).

  • Tyrus
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    Congrats on you new purchase

    Once you buy a Mac, you will find most of what you need is built into the OS-check out Life and at present, there is only 1 known virus for Leopard. However, free office suites that work well isa Open Office. Other free software for word processing are Neo office for word, also abiworld. iWorks is one you pay for, but its word processor is not as strong as MS word.

    One thing you may want to consider since you are new to Macs like me is to add XP to your Mac. You have until 6/30/08 to decide.

  • 1 decade ago

    Neo office for word, also abiworld(i like this one better)

    If your mac is new, why do you think you need to improve the performance?

    Make what safer?

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