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need for speed most wanted cop corvette help?

can someone plz make a list of the bodykit ,spoiler ,rims ,color etc to make my corvette look like a cop one

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    GTO (Monaro) car, I really don't know if you can even get one!

    Acually I think you can't. There is no source to do a police car look, but I'll try to make an idea of one.



    Low body kit

    no spoilers

    silver rims

    black and white color

    no logos

    a striped look

    It would be cool if you could be a cop car, I wounder if they would still think your you and not a cop. LOL

    Heres some more info. How much bounty do you have, what cars do you have, have you completed 100% of the game and do you think the acting is hillarious?

    The more info:

    Heat Level 1: Marked patrol cars and cruisers. They mostly chase and try to run you off the road. If you have a quick car, they are not hard to get away from.

    Heat Level 2: Unmarked patrol cars and cruisers, roadblocks. The police mainly try to ram you off the road and setup roadblocks. Avoid roadblocks by doing an emergency brake lock U-turn or go through them. You can get through by ramming the cars on either end of the roadblock or by going through a weak point like the sawhorse or a gap between the cars. Use Speedbreaker to see the weak point in the roadblocks and use nitrous to ram straight through. Some road blocks will not extend all the way across the road -- you can go through where they have not placed a car.

    Heat Level 3: Marked GTO (Monaro) police cars, marked 4WDs (Rhinos), rolling road blocks, roadblocks. These are quicker and you need to use objects to knock down in front of them to disable them. Lead the chase with these vehicles through the cities to use knock down points (for example, the giant donut sign, etc.) to disable the vehicles and end the chase. Then, find somewhere to hide when you hit Cool Down mode. "Rhinos" will ram you from the front. Listen for the call over the police radio. You can usually see these coming on your map or on the road ahead. Depending on which car you have, you can get away with ramming them head on. Otherwise, just use Speedbreaker again to change lanes before they ram you.

    Heat Level 4: Unmarked GTO (Monaro) police cars, helicopters, spike strips. The unmarked GTOs (Monaros) usually chase in packs and are very hard to avoid. They will try to box you in by surrounding the car from the front and back and slamming the brakes to take away any room you have to escape. Avoid this by staying ahead and using the same tactics used in level 3. For the helicopters, use tunnels and underground parking lots to escape from them. When they spot you, they can radio the police to your location. Spike strips are set up usually on main roads and highways. You can see them on the map when you see only one vehicle over to left of the road not driving (i.e., pulled over). Aim for the police car and use nitrous to ram it and get away. If you hit the spike strip you will get caught.

    Heat Level 5: You will not reach this level until you are at Blacklist #3. When you reach this level, all the best and toughest police come out. The helicopters get more aggressive, there are more spikes, and more belts are called in on you. You must also deal with "cross" cop Corvettes. Cross and his team will apprehend you at all cost. Like in level 4, the unmarked GTO cars will surround and box you in and hit the brakes. Corvettes will also try to use rolling road blocks. If you reach level 5, make sure you are in your fastest vehicle. You will need the nitrous.

    Regaining control

    When approaching a corner at a high speed, quickly assess whether or not you can get through it cleanly as fast as possible and without touching the inside or outside barriers. If you start drifting (or worse, careening out of control) toward a barrier, turn on your Speedbreaker in order to regain control via increased handling and traction. During this period of slowed time, straighten out your car and put it back into an ideal racing line. Once you are straight and driving in the correct direction, quickly turn off Speedbreaker and hit the Nitrous hard to rip out of the remainder of the corner.

    Avoiding impound strikes

    If you get busted, during the scene when the cops are wrestling you to the ground, disconnect the controller then reconnect it and you will be at the pause screen. Then, jump to safe house to not get an impound strike.

    Easy bounty

    Get some cops to chase you, then go to the bus stop. Get on top of the buses and make sure that the front of the car is at the edge of the last bus so that the cops can see you and do not lose you. Keep looking behind you, because the cops will sometimes find a way on top of the buses. When they do get on the buses, just reverse as soon as you see them coming and push them off. Only one cop car will come on top of the bus. Do this for as long as desired. When you want to lose them, just reverse, park in the middle of the buses, and wait until your Cool Down bar fills. The cops will also drive crazy and crash into themselves, giving you extra bounty and bring up your rap sheet rankings on police vehicles immobilized and police vehicles involved.

    That really doesn't work for me to well, but you should try it out.

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