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Please help me out with my spellcaster deck building...?

I am asking for 2 things. First, to rate my deck (1-10) If there's any reason why you gave it a rating other than 10 please tell me why for that I really want to improve my deck building skills. Second, please help me fix my deck, see what card/s I should take out (I have only 50 plastics so if you could please limit the number of cards to 50) Thank you so much for your kind help guys.

My deck:


chaos command magician

magician of faith x2

blast magician

chaos socerer

ebon magician curran

apprentice magician x2

white magician pickeru


breaker the magical worrior

dark eradicator warlock

socerer of dark magic

rapid-fire magician

hannibal necromancer

skilled dark magician

eria the water charmer

wynn the wind charmer

dark magician x3

familiar-possessed - hiitax2

hiita the fire charmer

shadowpriestess of ohm

mythical beast cerberus

magic/spell (26)

remove trap


dark hole

swords of revealing light

mage power

graceful charity

black illusion ritual


card destruction

magical dimensionX2

lightning vortex

dark magic attack

black pendant

mythical space typhoon

diffusion wave motion

sage's stone


contast with the abyss

nobleman of crossout

mist body

soul exchange

poison of the old man

monster reborn

tribute to the doomed

change of heart

spell absorbtion

trap (13)

magic cylinder

trap hole

raigeki break

gravity bind

pitch-dark powerstone

enchanted javlin

wall of revealing light

barrel behind the door

dust tornado

magic jammer


torrental tribute

spellbinding circle

(please limit the number of cards to 50 or lower than 50. Greatly appreciated)

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    there are a lot of problems with this deck, im not sure i even feel comftorable giving it a rating in its current state. 1st off you should def reduce the card count to 40-45. Even 50 is too high. Dark hole/graceful charity/magician of faith, all of these are banned. Even if your playing traditional, magician of faith is limited to 1 copy per deck. Swords of revieling light is not a useful card unless perhaps in a burn deck. It causes you to lose 1 card, swords itself, while your opponenet looses none! The 3 turns you buy for yourself is not as useful as you think. Also Im not a fan of ritual monsters, it doesnt seem like you have any good support to back up a relinquished strategy at all so take him out all together. Yami, is a useless feild card, and really has no place in the deck. United we stand > mage power. Remove trap only works on face up, meaning most likely continous, therefore I would suggest taking it out. Oh Breaker the magical warrior is also banned. You have a lot of useless monsters in this deck.... you should add some of the staples(cards good in any deck) such as neo spacian grand mole, marshmallon, ect.

    use some of this advice to shave down your deck size, sorry i couldnt fully rewrite it but its rather cumbersome to weed through such a large list.

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  • only 4/10

    there are truely alot of cards in there that are not supeosed to be and also teh decks now are 40 cards and not 50 cards. hear is a better deck to try and use. also you should be awear of the bannlist and that some cards cant be use while others you can only have 1 or 2 in your deck

    3 dark magician

    3 skilled dark magician

    3 apprentice magician

    3 old vindictive magician

    2 cristal seer

    1 snipe hunter

    1 treeborn frog

    1 spirit reaper

    1 marshmallon

    1 neo spacian grand mole

    1 sangan

    3 magical dimention

    2 dark magic curtain

    1 nobel man of crossout

    2 pot of avarice

    1 monster reborn

    1 premature burial

    1 heavy storm

    1 giant trunade

    1 mystical space typhoon

    1 fissure

    1 swords of reavealing lights

    1 brain contrl

    1 scape goat

    1 mirror force

    1 torrential tribute

    1 magic cylinder

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    formerly even thinking approximately it lots, i already see flaws which will injury you badly. at the start there is too lots happening. in the journey that your sticking to spell-casters, then throw out the squaddies. do no longer choose them. take out brand of dragon destroyer. put in yet another terraforming. now the subsequent flow would be certain what variety of deck you like. you could put in potential drain or royal decree. in case you put in royal decree that is going to intend that your opponent can not play any spells or traps and you could break your combatants with useful monsters and helping spell taking part in cards. in case you put in potential drain your opponent will have not have been given any monster outcomes to help and no spells. that's all assuming you have a minimum of one spell-caster on the sphere in any respect cases. yet remember the two taking part in cards is additionally no longer common for your self rather potential drain. 2nd, that is a undesirable theory to have a deck that makes a speciality of scuffling with burn decks. a sturdy journey worth deck is frequently nicely rounded and be waiting to guard distinctive circumstances. certainly a deck it is versatile. nonetheless that is sturdy against a burn deck it could have situation with a summoner monk/ rescue cat blend deck (mine) and gravity bind deck. e mail me in case you pick the two one and that i will go on from there.

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