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Anyone know the best Flight Action game for pc. simular to ace combat 6 for xbox 360?

Just looking for a fun flight action game i dont own an xbox 360 so i cant get ace combat 6. the last game I played that was flight action was for the dreamcast and that game was awsome. So if anyone know of a good pc flight action just let me know. My pc is up to specs so i'm not worried about hardware.


Also i'm not looking for a flight simulator. just a flight action.

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    That Microsoft title is a sim, if you want Ace Combat you don't want a sim... Ace Combat had easy physics and several dozen all-purpose air-and-land missiles on every plane

    The most popular action air game for pc is Lock On, there is a Chuck Yeager title for pc also. Those are for money.

    For free, that ys flight sim is half decent but really not up to post-year-2000 standards, the guy who wrote it hasn't worked on it in years and if I remember right half the docs were in Japanese. There's a half-finished game called Thunder and Lightning with decent combat, but it's still in alpha.

    You could also get a copy of pcsx2, get it running with a bios and dvd plugin, then try to play the ps2 versions, Ace Combat 4, 5 and Zero, on the pc. It might work.

    I have both Ace Combat 4 and 5 and they're both great though 5 is much more detailed and has wingman command. When I heard they made AC 6 for xbox360 I was furious, I will never buy the title again for that betrayal of the ps3.

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    Source(s): Realistic Airplane Flight Simulator -
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    A pro Combat Flight Sim is ys flight

    it doesnt look great but it is really fun to play. It is also free. If you want something that looks better try one of the microsoft titles. (microsoft combat flight simulator)

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    because it costs a lot to make a big name, triple A game these days, and when youre a totally independant production company (unlike how bungie was sorta owned by microsoft, or all of insomniac's games are on playstation) it doesnt really make financial sense to automatically cut your market in half (in reality a ps3 exclusive appeals to far less than half the maket). add to that, that im sure microsoft is paying assloads of money for the opportnity to host the game on its system (it payed rockstar 50 million for exclusivity on DLC alone- imagine what it'd pay to get a piece of a ps3 exclusive), it just makes sense to put out your product on both platforms look at what lucasarts did with force unleashed, there was [entirely different] versions of that game out for virtually every possible platform it couldve been on

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    Experience Real Flight Simulation Guaranteed :

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