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jonas brothers?

okay im going to the jo nas brothers concert, in june

and i know they are coming out with a new album sooon,

but do you know any new songs from them

in total i have like 25 but theree older

it wuold be great if you could tell me some of their new songs :)


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    totally i know all of their songs even from the new album,if u watch Disney Channel,after Camp Rock,they have a new video its called burnin up,thats a great song oh and if u go on youtube,and search jonas brothers-out of this world,i love that song its so simpl cute and romantic,lol i love it,link pasted below!!! a full list of their songs is on wiki...!!

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    1 decade ago

    Burning Up

    Play My Music

    Gotta Find You

    We Rock


    do some researchhh!! jonas.

    p.s. eat steakkkkk!!!

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    sure :]

    burning up

    dont take my heart and put it on a shelf

    take on me

    pushing me away

    underdog *new version*


    move on

    outta this world

    G I Joe


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    1 decade ago

    "Pushing Me Away"

    "Can't Have You"

    "Be Be Good"


    "Won't Let You Go"


    "Let Me Down"

    "One Man Show"

    "Love Bug"

    "Burnin' Up"

    "A Little Bit Longer"



    i got those from google! soo excited when it comes out!!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Burn it up I think its their newest song

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