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wedding invitation?

I am trying to do my wedding invitations but I'm not sure how to word them my fiancee and I are paying for most of the wedding and then my parent's are paying about $2000.00 or a little more but my fiancees parents are not paying anything so how do I word my invitations with my parents names and our names and leave his parents names out...I really want my parents names in it due to them not having much and helping us as much as they are and because I 'm the first of 4 daughters to get married my dad has been sick and my mom has asked to have there names in there so I don't want to use "together with there parent's" and I don't want to put in his parents names because why give credit where it's not due

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    Mr. and Mrs. John L. Smith

    request the honor of your presence

    at the marriage of their daughter

    Mary Ann


    Edward Malcolm Jones

    That's a perfectly acceptable invite wording, and shouldn't offend anyone. It's a very traditional way of wording it.

  • Putting parents' names on the invitations doesn't have anything to do with who helped with the bill.. Perhaps you're being a little too immature and sensitive about the money situation. Did you even ask for help?

    Anyways, you could include parents' names by saying 'You're invited to celebrate with (your name), daughter of (your parents' names)'...

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    It doesn't matter who is paying for the wedding, you use both sets of parents' names simply as a matter of respect and to show who you and he are the daughter and son of.

    Don't be rude.

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    how does your fiancee feel about you not including them. dont get on his bad side before you get married. what you can do is make a special plaque or something and present it to your parents on your wedding day and thanking them and appreciating for their help on the road to your happiness.

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