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Alice Springs has a population about 26,000 and yet is world famous ?

Is it the only populated town that is not on the coast ?


Sorry nimrod. I was only asking as I am not an Aussie half wit

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    No, Alice Springs isn't the only populated town not on the coast. There are quite a few, but

    Kalgoorlie (WA) - approx. 37,000

    Mt Isa (Qld.) - approx. 21,000

    Broken Hill (NSW) - approx. 21,000

    Albury (NSW) - approx. 50,000

    Dubbo (NSW) - approx. 40,000

    Armidale (NSW) - approx. 24,000

    Orange (NSW) - approx. 37,000

    Tamworth (NSW) - approx. 56,000

    Wagga Wagga (NSW) - approx. 61,000

    Ballarat (Vic.) - approx. 90,000

    Bendigo (Vic.) - approx. 99,000

    are among the largest.

    And I don't think you're a half wit. How can anyone learn if they don't ask?

  • Anonymous
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    Not true.

    How about Wagga Wagga or Dubbo? They aint on the coast.


    I'm sorry Michael W. I shouldn't have done that. I was angry about something at the time. I hadn't got it out of my system. So I ended up taking it out on the wrong person.

    Still, that's no excuse. My behaviour was appalling.

    That goes for you too, Ozmaniac.

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