Can any one translate this chinese into english? Thanks!?

Can someone translate the text surrounded by black marker into english?

Also what does this mean 您在QQ空间中的名字,不同于您的QQ

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  • 1 decade ago
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    For the picture:

    The single word on the left says "My display picture" (pinyin: wo de ou xiang)

    The list on the right has some personality traits:

    lively, upbeat (huo po kai lang)

    friendly, welcoming (you hao ke qin)

    smart (cong ming ling li)

    introverted (han xu nei xiang)

    humorous (yo muo feng qu)

    cute (ke ai muo hu)

    determined (leng ku jian yi)

    cautious, meticulous (jing shen zi xi)

    brave and confident (zi xin yong gan)

    honest and modest (cheng shi qian xu)

    The line about QQ says "Your name in QQ space is not the same as your QQ", the sentence doesn't seem to be complete.

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  • Azamee
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    1 decade ago

    I don't know about the picture.

    The text you give is: Ning zai QQ something something zhong de ming zi, bu tong yu ning de QQ

    It has something to do with their QQ and how it's different from their QQ space's name...I think? I'm not too great with Chinese.

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