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what do you need to put your hair in a bun?

also dose anyone have any pics of military women with short hair or even buzz cuts?

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    This is what I do because it looks neat and it keeps well even when you wear the ACH kevlar.

    Take a long tube sock that you don't care to destroy...

    Roll the sock until you reach the heel portion and cut it off. You'll now have what looks like a doughnut.

    Now, tie your hair in a regular pony tail and secure it with a hair tie.

    Slip the "doughnut" onto your pony tail and divide your ponytail in half so that half will cover one part of the doughnut and the other will over the other half of the doughnut. (Basically you're gonna flip and spread your hair so that it covers the sock.)

    Once you've done that, place a hair tie to hold the hair in place to cover up the sock. You should have a perfect bun, but hair will still be sticking out.

    Take the hair that is left over and start wrapping it around the bun and secure it tightly with a wide elastic headband or scrunchie that will over up the leftover hair.

    I wish I had pictures because when my friend told me how to do this, I was completely lost until I actually watched her do it. I wear my hair like this all the time and it doesn't mess my hair even when I wear my ACH with that stupid head harness and I don't have little stragglers coming out of my bun like I normally did since my hair is layered.

    You don't want to go to a "buzz cut" like GI Jane style. As long as it looks tasteful and is within AR 670-1, then it should be fine.

    Source(s): US Army NCO
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    When I am in uniform, I have to wear a bun too. I use 2 ponytail holders. If you put your hair in a ponytail first then twist the rest of your hair as tight as possible around it then tie the second holder around it it wont be a problem...then hairspray like hell!


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    Most women use gel, hair spray, or just water to smooth the bun. As well as bobby pins and ponytails.

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    Because it's neater and avoids people pulling their hair in battle, it is extremely painful to get your hair pulled.

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