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How do you access System Volume Information?

I'm on a windows XP. I'm doing everything it says on the microsoft site. I got onto my computer and that's where i get stuck. The instructions say to click to tools and then folder options but when i click tools, all that comes up is: Map Network Drive, Disconnect Network Drive and Synchronize.

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    "How do you access System Volume Information?" The REAL question is: WHY do you think you have to??? If you can't follow Microsoft's "techno-babble", look for other clearer websites. Google for:

    System Volume Information

    Then, find a website that YOU can understand! See an example below:

    Please re-post and explain your EXACT problem, with the full text of all error messages (and the LINK you referred to), and then, maybe, we can help.

    TIP: "I'm on a windows XP". Home or Pro??? This stuff only works on XP Pro.

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    Is it asking you to show hidden files? You probably have to do that first. I believe System Volume is hidden.

    I agree with really shouldn't be in there poking around...

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