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How do you access System Volume Information?

I'm on a windows XP. I'm doing everything it says on the microsoft site. I got onto my computer and that's where i get stuck. The instructions say to click to tools and then folder options but when i click tools, all that comes up is: Map Network Drive, Disconnect Network Drive and Synchronize.

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    Under most circumstances there is no need to access this folder, but if you just want to see what it contains, how you gain access depends on the XP version.

    First open a folder (my documents) and go tools-file options-view-Show hidden files and folders

    check ...apply or ok this will make visible hidden files.

    Or have a look below

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    i think you want to access the system volume information folder. by default this folder is hidden. so what you need to do is open your C drive. then go to tool, folder options, select the view tab, look where it says "hidden files and folders" then select "show hidden files and folders" and press apply then ok. and look in your c drive and you should spot it there. if you dont see it do a search for it.

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    what do u mean ??

    do u want to find your hard drive info ???

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