Have an idea for a website, I have web dev skills, but no database skills. I'm thinking of outsourcing. Who?

So if I have a fairly good idea, and essentially just want to become the CEO/Creative Director and primary investor of the site, what steps should be taken, and whom should I contact in regards to building, managing, and marketing the site? If I do this, will I retain all rights to the page?

Again, like the header states, I have the design ability, and therefore could potentially create the layout, but creating DB arrays and ASP pages is beyond me. Thanks.


Just a few more points I should add, and thanks for the informative answer so far Youngboy....

I'll have rough around $25,000 that I may to play around with for design, and marketing... Enough cash do you think? Too much? Thanks.

Update 2:

I'll have roughly around $25,000 that I may have to play around with for design, and marketing... Enough cash do you think? Too much? Thanks. (sorry had to re-edit the above... hard to work out and type at the same time!)

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    Most large scale sites that I do, F500, I have always separated the site into design and programming. Designers are not the best at design, (me), and designers aren't programmers.

    Separating the duties gives you great results. Finding someone who can really wear both hats is very hard. I have done both sides of some smaller 100< pages myself that were OK, the client loved them, but had I had the budget would have preferred to split the job.

    That doesn't mean I didn't control the whole project. The designer was contracted by me and directly worked for me on the project.

    There are some very talented programmers out there. Don't get too hung up on a specific lang, C#, VB, PHP, JAVA. They all are capable of doing the job you need. It's far more important that you can develop a synergy with the programmer. Fighting with them consistently over petty and juvenile things makes for a very long day. Life's too short for that. Besides you are basically paying the bills why would you want someone like that.

    If you want a good programmer place this job on some of various freelance sites. You can do it anon and solicit bids. Reduce your resumes to about three people. Ask them for sites they have done and contact people at that company. If they balk run away they aren't for you. As you look at the sites remember that the look is generally driven by the client so keep that in mind. If you like what is being done make some calls to the point person at those companys. Ask some specific questions.

    "What was it like working with...."

    "Did the work get done on time..."

    "If there was something you would do diff what would that be..."


    You get the drift.

    Finally make sure you have a contract drawn up with a NCA NDA. Make sure you use a lawyer that knows electronic distribution. They can't protect your interests if they don't even understand what and how a computer operates.

    Good luck in your idea I hope it all goes well. If it is a good idea you can make boatloads of dough.


    I would think so. Figure you can do the design and that's a good chunk of your money. Since I don't know the project I'd estimate about 10K max for the database stuff.

    That should leave you ample headroom for yourself to market and build traffic.

    Take a look at these sites. You can almost do it all yourself.

    Free to do the programming:


    (VS Studio would be better)

    To learn how:


    To register the name:


    To Host the site:


    Free Websites from MS:


    To come up with a name:


    (Don't register it there)

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