A retailer suggested to me that the 80gb PS3 was worth the extra money over the 40gb. Is this true?


Money is not particularly the problem, but availability. I can't find the 80gb anywhere at the moment for a reasonable price.

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    1). 20GB has no chrome trim, no memory card reader and no wi-fi. Not manufactured anymore. Has the best backwards compatibility with PS2 games due to Emotion Engine (PS2's CPU) and Graphics Synthesizer (PS2's GPU) installed.

    2). NTSC 60GB has the same backwards compatibility as 20GB version, also has memory card reader and wi-fi. Has a chrome trim. Not manufactured anymore.

    3). 80GB - extended memory, but reduced backwards compatibility with PS2 games, it has only Graphics Synthesizer (PS2's GPU). Around 60-70% of PS2 games can be played. Available only in NTSC regions.

    4). 40GB - can't play PS2 games at all (all PS2 chips were removed), has 2 USBs instead of 4, no memory card reader, has wi-fi. Avalable in black, silver and white colors. White and silver versions are on sale only in Japan. Uses 65nm technology (lower power consumption, other versions use 90nm). Improved cooling system. It's the latest version. 40GB doesn't support SACD (Super Audio Compact Disc). Has no chrome trim. Added self-cleaning function.

    5). PAL 60GB - reduced backwards compatibility with PS2 games. it has only Graphics Synthesizer (PS2's GPU). Around 60-70% of PS2 games can be played.

    Wi-fi included in all models, except 20GB.

    They are all based on Blu-ray. They all play PS1 games. Apart from the differences listed above - they are the same.

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    I have the 40gb and my friend has the 80gb, and the 80gb is way better than the 40gb. It has 4 usb ports (2 is definately not enough), slots for capture cards, memory sticks, and SD cards, the hard drive is obviously double the size(although you can always upgrade). But the most important part is that it can play PS2 games. And I'm told that it actually improves the graphics quality of PS2 games by like 70% or something. Or maybe that it looks 70% as good as a PS3 game. I know I heard something about 70%. And although this wouldn't matter, there are more shiny parts on the 80 :). So the 80 is definately worth it, and if it means taking a long time to find it, so be it.

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    The only real advantages of the 80GB version over the 40 is that the 80 has 2 extra USB ports, SD/CF card slots, and is backwards compatible with PS2 games.

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    Yes, you get twice the storage space, more usb ports, and you can play PS2 games, though there is a rumor that Sony will release an update for the 40GB model so it can play PS2 games, since PS2 games will be released on PSN later on.

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    you should get the 8 gigs there are lots more benefits than extra storage.

    you get...

    -2 more usb ports (for charging controllers and anything else like psp or camera ect)

    -flash card readers (so you can put in memory cards from your camera and cell phone and access the info in them

    -super audio cd support (for high quality audio)

    -and most importantly you get ps2 and ps1 backwards compatibility.

    Source(s): i am a sony fanboy
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    yea now its like a 50 buck difference

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    if u have a ps2 keep it and get a ps3 40g

    trust me

    Source(s): i did that casue i couldnt stand the 80g's bad backwards
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