What makes the slide go back when a pistol is fired?

Here is a video of a 1911 firing. http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=1H3IFJXxyEs What forces the slide back after the bullet is fired?

Here you see the AK and you see that the expanding gases force it back. http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=lQe864rGLyk&feature=...

Is it the same case with the pistol, that the gas forces it back, or is it something else?

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Can you people be more specific?

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    Phil is totally wrong.

    Pistols use the John Browning locking recoil action, which is pretty much every centerfire modern semiauto hand gun of at least 9mm and higher.

    The momentum of recoil of the firing of the gun forces back the barrel and slide of the pistol. As the bolt, attached to the slide, pulls the spent casing back, an ejector kicks it to the side, and out of the pistol. As the bolt slides, forward, it picks up a new cartridge out of the magazine. Pistol that use this system include almost all 9mm and larger pistols from the M1911 to modern Glocks, HK's, and SIGSauers.

    A lot of smaller guns using smaller cartridges, like .380 Auto, .32 ACP, and .22 LR, utilize blowback operation. In blowback, the springs and bolt's mass keep the breech closed until the round is fired. Then the expanding gases "blow back" the bolt. The slide may be attached to this bolt. The Walter PPK and the myriad of .22 LR semiauto pistols are good examples of this.

    The other option is 'gas-operation' such as the AK you mentioned. This differs from blow back in that the gas is vented to a tappet or piston to actuated the cycle of the gun. The only semi auto handgun that comes to mine to me that utilize this system is the Desert Eagle. An extreme large firearm that fires large, powerful cartridges that have gas to spare.

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    It takes an explosion to fire the bullet! When that hammer hits the pin and ignites the primer of the cartridge the gun powder explodes, thus pushing the bullet down the barrel at high speeds. That is alot of pressure! That is why it blows the slide back too or with the AK the pressure behind the bullet goes up through a port in the barrel and pushes the gas piston back.

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    1911 - Recoil forces the slide back

    AK - gas forces the slide back

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    Gases and the recoil spring.

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    the slide goes back, because 1 it is ejecting the shell casing, and 2 it is moving the next bullet up.

    I watch too much CSI, thats why i kno all or this stuff

    ~hope i helped


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    Yep, its the gasses.

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    all semi-autos work that way.

    Source(s): owned abunch.
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