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LH detection question?

Alrighty, here's my confusion. I had a positive opk yesterday around noon..... I'm a peeonastickaholic and got lots of ovulation test strips cheap, so decided to test again later in the day and line was lighter. Tested again this morning, line was very faint and then tested again tonight and there was no line at all. Is this normal after getting a positive opk? When I got my positive the result line was JUST AS dark as the control line. I made sure my urine wasn't overdiluted from too much fluid intake and didn't pee for like 3 hours before testing. I am currently on cd12 and ovulated on cd17 last month so I don't really know how long a test should be detecting LH.


Also, I had a miscarriage in March and have not had visible EWCM at all since so trying preseed this month. Kinda hard to go by your cm when you really aren't showing any!!!

Update 2:

yeah if I don't get a BFP this month I'm going to start charting next month.

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  • Rene A
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    1 decade ago
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    The day of ovulation can change each cycle. So just because you ovulated on a certain cycle day last cycle, does not mean that the same thing will happen this cycle.

    Most people will ovulate 12-48 hours after the LH surge is detected, most common is 36 hours after the actual surge.

    It is more common to only get one day of positive testing, but it is not uncommon to have two days of a positive tests.

    My guess is that when you got the positive, it was most likely at the peak of your surge right before or at the time that the level was dropping. That is why the next day when you tested you got a light line- only a little LH was left in your system and by the next time none.

    What you experieced is normal. You should not get a dark line for many days. If you do then the test is not reliable and you may want to talk to your doctor about your results.

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    that is totally regular to observe your LH bypass up and down. Mine did the comparable venture. i might attempt and get a great. Then attempt later that day and get an extremely constructive (while the attempt line is darker than the administration line). Then it might taper off interior of right here few days. i've got faith that it is the hormone leaving your physique. yet, do you % to pay attention something extremely unusual? for the reason that final October, i grew to become into getting very dark constructive strains for 5 days in a row 3 diverse situations in the process the month! So, yea! It informed me I had an LH surge virtually the full month. i grew to become into utilising the exams to make your innovations up my cycle and not get pregnant. properly, it grew to become out that the craziness of all of it had me so perplexed that I grew to become pregnant this April. our bodies are so humorous from time to time. i did no longer have EWCM corresponding with the ovulation exams the two. superb of luck to you turning out to be pregnant! it may take place once you least anticipate it!

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes it is normal.

    The only way to truly know when you ovulate is to chart temps.

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