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BRIDAL SHOWER questions!?!?

I have put myself in charge of my mother in law's bridal shower... This is her second marriage, but I'm trying to help welcome her to our family, etc.

What are good ideas for a bridal shower, ie. FOOD, DRINKS, GAMES?!

Any suggestions are welcomed, I've only ever thrown birthdays, baby showers, etc... nothing like this!

Thank you in advance!


Although this is my soon to be "mother-in-law", she's is ONLY 28 years old.. Please keep this in mind!! lol thank you.

Update 2:

Our theme is "THE HONEYMOON" so any gifts will be things that can be used (or worn) during their honeymoon.... :)

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    I'm an ex-party/wedding planner so I can be of some service.

    For food:

    Go to this link, they have great stuff!


    Now for the games:


    Have some questions about the bride and or groom ready to be asked and see how many people "really" there about to be wed friend. (questions can include things like, how they met, what was the first job that the bride held... you get the idea)


    Find or buy a cute container or bottle and fill it up with candy, or safety pins, or anything having to do with the wedding or shower. Make sure you know how many pieces are in it before you seal it up. Pass the bottle around and have the guests guess how many pieces are in it. Have them write on a piece of paper with their guess. Who ever is the closest, wins.

    Wedding Dress:

    Before the shower, purchase several rolls of white toilet paper. At the party, divide the guests into two or more groups of 3-5 people. Each group must choose a model for their wedding dress (mothers of the bride and/or groom work wonderfully). The goal is for each group to design and fashion a "wedding dress" out of toilet paper. Accessories are allowed (earrings, bouquets, trains, headpieces, wedding ring, etc.), but they must all be fashioned out of toilet paper. Once the groups are finished, the bride must pick the winner of the contest. This is my favorite bridal shower activity. And brides love this contest for the wonderful photo-memories it provides.

    Changing gifts:

    This one is way fun to play. We play this one at our Christmas Parties. But it can be just as fun for any party! You will need some floor space to play this one... get everyone in a circle and place some wrapped gifts in the center, usually a number less than the number of guests that arrive. Wrap them in all different size boxes, and colors and pretty them up with a bow or unique wrapping paper. The gifts should range from a really cheap joke or an inexpensive (like the anything less then $1.00 stores) to a few nicer gifts (bath beads, little picture frame ..etc.) Set a timer for about 10 minutes (longer if you have more then 15 guests). Start with the Bride-to-be. Give her a set of dice and tell her to roll them. If she gets doubles, she picks out a prize in the center of the circle. Then start passing the dice around the circle. Anyone that gets doubles may take a prize from the circle. Once all the prizes from the center are gone (this is where the FUN begins!) the guests can start to taking gifts from the other guests, when they roll doubles or "trade" with another guest. Keep passing the dice around until the timer goes off. Whoever has the gift at the end gets to keep it! It is funny to see what gift the guests start fighting over because of the shape/size of the box or even the wrapping paper. Nine times out of ten the guests end up fighting over that joke gift! ...NOTE... as you may have been able to guess, NONE of the gifts can be opened until the timer goes off at the end!

    The Wedding is over.

    Tell the guests and bride to pretend the wedding is over and it is the wedding night. The motel/cruise boat/etc. that the couple is staying in loses all electricity and the bride must prepare for her wedding night in complete darkness. Next blindfold the bride and hand her a suitcase. He must put on everything in the suitcase. Put items in it such as sunglasses, men's underwear, big bra, work gloves, or anything else that may bring a laugh. (She puts all this on over her clothes!) When she is done take a picture's hilarious!


    You can use paper or cloth bags, so that the guests are able to feel the item. Find about 10-15 common items around the house (i.e remote control, video tape, pen, tooth brush, etc.) and place the items in each bag. Pass the items around for the guests to feel. They're allowed to 15-30 seconds to hold the bag, then they must pass to the next guest. They should have a pen and paper to write down their guesses. The guest with the most correct answers wins.

    Draw it.

    Every person is handed a piece of paper, pen and a hard covered book. They are all instructed to put their names on the paper and then turn it over and put it on the book. Then they are to all put the books on their heads (with the clean side of the paper facing upward). They have to draw what the bride I will look like on her wedding day (making the drawing as detailed as they can- with a veil, jewelry, a train, etc.... Allow them 2 minutes to finish their drawings. Then they can take the book off their heads and look at their masterpieces, (It is a crack-up). Then hand all of the papers to the bride to vote on which one is the very best. Then turn the paper over to see who had drawn it. The bride can keep all of the drawings and look at them fondly over the years. Submitted by:Duane Lee Holden

    Safety Pin.

    It sounds super easy but it's not... you'll need: bag of rice, safety pins and a blind fold : Directions: fill a large mixing bowl half full with rice (long grain works best) mix in about 50 or so small to medium safety pins with blind fold on have each person try to grab as many pins they can in a 30 second time frame. It's amazing how competitive everyone gets...

    The Groom

    Prior to the shower, someone contacts the groom and asks him a list of questions (about 10 or 15) about himself and the "intended" Be sure that whatever you ask him remains a secret so that the bride doesn't know ahead of time. Write out each question on a 3x5 index card and on the back write the grooms answers. Some types of questions can be:

    1. What's the groom's favorite food?

    2. If the groom were a superhero, who would he be?

    3. What was the date of your first kiss, date?

    4. Where did you go on your first date?

    5. What animal would the groom compare you to? --Get creative!

    At the shower, read the questions to the group. Each person writes down how many they think the bride will get right. To get the question right, the bride must match the groom's answer. Then ask the bride the questions, let her answer, then read them out loud. It's a lot of fun and can get very interesting.

    Variation: For every answer the bride correctly gets, give her a Hershey's kiss, for everyone wrong give her a stick of chewing gum. Submitted by Amanda Maynard

    For more ideas for games go to:

    Now, as for favors, I suggest you do a gift baskets and then have everyone pick a number out of a hat to decide who gets what, but have a special one for the bride.

    The gift baskets could be pasta to baking to sewing. Whatever you think the guests would like.

    And as for the bride, this could possibly be your gift to her, get her a basket of chocolates, a giftcard to get a mani and/or pedi, hair ties and a bunch of things she likes.

    Good luck!

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    I just helped throw a shower last weekend. We wanted it to be a little more upscale than the usual.

    For food, instead of fruit cheese trays, we had it catered...Italian. Pastas and salad. We found a really good recepie for a pink punch...had cranberry juice, pineaple juice, gingerale, and was very tasty...seved in champagne flutes (instead of those paper/plastic cups.)

    For one of the games, we handed each guest a fake diamond ring (from Party City). Teh object is the same as the clothespin game at baby showers...except our buzz words were the bride and grooms names. If any guest caught another saying their name, they got their ring taken from them.. The person with the most rings at the end of the shower won.

    We also played famous couples...since our brides wedding theme is "Red Carpet Glamour" all the couples were major celebrities. Whoever guessed the most correctly won.

    We planned the toilet paper "design the brides gown"..which is really fun. We had a fashion show afterwards.

    Our theme for the shower was "Around the clock"..Each guest was assigned a time of day and the gift they got the bride was to correspond with that time. Ex: 8:00 am - may be a set of monogrammed robes.

    Another theme could be A honeymoon theme where the guests give gift the couple will use on their honeymoon.

    Good luck!

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    find a location big enough, a home or restaurant back room

    Make a guest list of all the women invited to the wedding on both sides

    Light food like brunch or lunch items

    some fun drinks like flavored matinis, mimosas if in the morning, and her favorite drink

    you can play bridal bingo, trivia about the bride and just show pictures and talk. Have small prizes for the game winners

    you can do a theme too like

    around the clock (each guest bring a gift to do with the time they are asssigned)

    the alphbet (same idea with letters)

    lingerie party

    cooking party

    wine party

    whatever she likes

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    If you know the Baby Pin game...Do that! Just instead of using Pins use something that goes along with marrige!

    Just in case you dont know the Baby Pin Game here:

    Everyone gets a pin when they come, then once everyones there you can't say some special word regarding the Baby Shower, like you cant say Baby! But instead have people NOT be able to say....Marry, or Husband, or Wife, if someone hears another person say the forbidden word they get the pin! Its fun!

    For foods: Try litle tea sandwiches and cut them into shapes of wedding bells or hearts. (use cookie cutters)

    Drinks: A simple punch! (Sierra Mist, Ginger Ale + Sherbert Ice cream!)

    Hope I could help! Have a great time!

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    I have to do one in September. A few games that I really liked and weren't lame were:

    1. Make a list of weird things to find in a purse (toothpick, gum, rubberband, etc.) Have each item worth points. The more uncommon it is, the more points. Who ever has the most wins.

    2. Have the bride come into the room. Everyone has to observe her for 1 minute then write as many things down that she is wearing.

    I would do finger foods or little things for people to snack on.

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    I just went to a bridal shower on Sunday and we played this really fun game. We were split into groups and made veils and had one person from each team model them. We had a lot of stuff to choose from such as ribbons, streamers, pipe cleaners, balloons and other stuff. And so much fun getting them together and stuff.

    For food they had chips and dip, pepperoni, crackers and cheese, then baked ziti, salad and bread for the main dinner

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    What does she need at this point? I mean doesnt she have linens, kitchenware, etc? Hmm. I was thinking a theme which would go over to the gift giving. It seems overkill to ask people again to give shower gifts so i had the idea to either bring something for donation or else a gift cert for food, entertainment etc. I frankly think showers are boring to all except the host and guest of honor so Yes to the food and drinks you listed and as to games-depends on the IQ of your guests. Keep it short is my advice like from 2 to 4 and list that on the invitation

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    Ok, this is the website for where I work.

    It's a great party store in Ohio.

    You can shop online for things.

    There are lots more things in the stores for bridal showers, but that's all you can order online.

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    I absolutely love the toilet paper dress! Everyone from each toable is a team and they get 4 or 5 rolls of TP to make a dress on one model that they chose. The bride to be is the one that chooses the winners and it gets awesome! Only TP though- no props used unless you want to alter it that way. It's fun and the pictures can be outrageous!

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    Here are some websites to try

    you should also pick a theme to the party it will help with the type of party you want to have.

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