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XBox 360 games on old XBox?

I am looking into buying an XBox for my husband. I was wondering though if the XBox 360 games would work on it? He wants Call Of Duty 4 or Company Of Heroes or something, but I haven't been able to find a 360 I can afford at this time. Thanks

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    original xboxes aren't manufactured anymore they're old best choice would be u buying the premium xbox 360 package it's the best unless you want the high quality picture u would go for the elite one but the premium is damn good for now and call of duty wouldn't work on the old xbox anyway it only works on the 360s

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    here is some neeed an xbox 360 to play 360 games, but there are a few types of 360's

    One doesn't have a harddrive and its the cheapest

    DO NOT BUY THIS ONE, he will not be able to save games and will spend alot more money in memory cards.

    there is the elite which has a bigger harddrive and an HD dvd player

    this one is also a waste of money as HD dvd players have already gone obsolete.

    Now the best deal is the normal xbox 360, i think its 299. and it comes with a 11 or 20 gig hard drive i cant rememebr which is big enuff for heavy video game use. If you are buying this just for fun and not a present then you may just stop my your local gamestop and ipck up a used one there usually 10 % cheaper and have been tested. unforutaly you dont get the 3 year warrenty though and the xbox 360 has been known to be a fragle system. Im already on my 3rd one b/c they keep breaking.

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    im sorry, but no, xbox 360 games are not compatible with the original xbox. the only way to play 360 games would be to buy a 360. the cheapest one i found is for $280 and it is called the xbox 360 arcade. this is good, except it does not include a hard drive, so you would not be able to play xbox live without loosing all of your money to memory cards. and the good news is, if you install the right firmware, you would be able to play original xbox games on the xbox 360, just not the other way around. and trust me, i feel your pain about not being able to afford this, i have been saving up for about 3 months for the $280 dollar version, and still am not there yet. this is very frustrating.

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    Actually you can:

    1. Purchase several XBOX 360 games. It is best if you purchase at least 5 or 6, and they should be new, $59.99 games, not older, cheaper ones.

    2. Take your XBOX 360 games out of their plastic shrink-wrap. It is important that you take all of them out of their shrink-wrap before you complete any of the following steps.

    3. Using some sort of cutting tool (an exacto knife is best, but any sharp blade will work), make multiple cuts on each game disc, from the center to the outer edge, approximately 2 centimeters apart.

    4. Put all of the games into the disc tray of your Original XBOX. I'm not sure how many games you have, but it is vital that you put at least 4 in the tray at the same time.

    5. Close the disc tray. If it doesn't seem to want to close, this is normal, just force it. (you can use anything to do this, from a hammer to a large book)

    6. You should now be able to play any of your new XBOX 360 games on your Original XBOX!

    If you have any trouble getting them to work, call 1-800-4-MYXBOX. Explain in detail to the Microsoft Support Representative exactly how you completed the previous steps and he/she should be able to resolve any issue you may come across.

    Hope this helps!!!

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    No, 360 games will not work on the original black Xbox. However, you can buy call of duty 3 and many other games like it for the old xbox. If you have a game stop near you they sell the old xbox for about $59, and have a ton of cheap (but good) games.

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    No, Xbox360 games do NOT work on the original Xbox. However, a lot of original Xbox games work on the 360. Have you looked into a used 360? They have them at Gamestop stores, and they cost quite a bit less than new ones.

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    No, Xbox 360 games do not work on the original Xbox. Some original Xbox games do work on the 360, however.

    Source(s): Personal experiance
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    no srry the xbox 360 games dont work on the original xbox but most original xbox games work on the xbox 360 but u could probably find a xbox 360 a little bit cheaper at gamestop or EB Games

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    Theres only a certain number of games you could play on the 360. Like your major xbox games. Now tho they are putting Xbox orginals(Xbox Games) on the market place.

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    Sorry but no. The games were designed to work on the 360's revolutionary hardware. The original XBOX simply doesn't have the parts to run it.

    Source(s): XBOX Expert
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