Is the Investors Group(IG) a good way to start a career.?

Canadian. If anyone has any experience working with them please share with me how it was. I have a masters in Finance

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  • Jim B
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    1 decade ago
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    A Masters in Finance and you want to sell mutual funds ?

    OK I'm sure that they will hire you, but the real question is what does this do for your career path?

    IG has been around for a long time in Canada, and I was invested with them in the late 70's.

    But now a days most investors are doing their own stock market investments, with generic online brokers. A further important thing to consider is that MOST of your IG appointments will be after 7 pm , the customers home. Do you like working nights all week ?

    A further point..........What is the base salary and is it taken back when you get a commission sale ? Ask.

    Jim B. Toronto.

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