where to shop for maternity bras? (in Ontario)?

I'm 31wks and just bought a new nursing bra because its all I could find in my size...

I'm currently an F in cup size and need a 38 band. Problem being, that the shoulder straps on a 38 are too long (even at shortest) but fits perfectly around my chest. I'm normally a 36 and this is baby #2 so, I'm already familiar with going up to a 38 and then back to a 36 by 6mths post partum.

My breasts are still kind of saggy and are pretty heavy, I'm sure that I will need a G cup soon enough, probably even before my baby is due (he's due August 23rd).

I don't have the means to shop online, so I need to find something somewhere to buy bras with F+ cup sized bras at 38.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Hi there I am in a similar dilema as you, currently am a 40DD and will need a bigger sized bra for nursing bras. Where abouts it Ontario are you??? I know here in London they have a store called Tummies to Tots that sells up to size K nursing bras! Hope that helps!

  • Marc G
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    1 decade ago

    I assume you mean Ontario, Canada, not California. You might try Bravado Designs-68 Broadway Ave. Ste. 405-Toronto, Ontario Canada M4M 2E6


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