im 18 how to get my license please!!!?

Im 18 an I need my licence for this car I just baught.. Do ihave to take drivers ed? What do I have to do? Please help me.. Written test? I live in texas

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    Department of Public Safety issues licenses in the state of Texas. will get you the manual with all the rules.

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    You're an adult. So you don't need drivers education. That is for little kids. 18 is usually the legal age for getting a license. All you have to do is go to the DMV and say you want your license. Of course, you should take home the DMV guidebook and read it through. After you have read it, go to the DMV and take the test. After you pass, schedule the driving test and you'll be set.

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    you bought a car without a license? -_-

    in my state, we have to take a 20 question test and pass it, and thats when you get your permit.

    And then you have to practice driving 50 hours to go for your road test, but thats how you get a Jr License...

    For the adult I think you dont have to drive 50 hours before taking your road test, you can jsut take it right away ...

    Driver's ed isnt required in my state, but some states do require it. what you can do is pick up the DMV manual book that teahces you the traffic laws and there should be requirements on how to obtain your license.

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    well where i'm from you need to get your permit by taking a written test, then you need 40 driving hours with the rents, then you need to take drivers ed classes, then finally you need i think 6 hours observing and 6 driving with an instructor.

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  • 1 decade ago

    each state is different in texas all you have to do is go down to the dept. public safety get the book and study then go take the written test and the driving test dont know how much it costs thats how my friend got his liscence

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    Yes as a temporary visitor you are allowed to drive anywhere in Canada with your Full British Driving Licence

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    go to your nearest dmv take the learners permit test pay the fee, they wait 2-3 week to learn how to drive, it depends on how fast of learner you are. then have somone to take with their car to take the test.

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