What kind of people enjoy inside jokes?

Inside jokes are not cool. What is the point of them? I think the point of them is to emphasize to other people that they are not being included in the conversation. I mean, they are just rude. I hate when I'm introduced to a group of people that I've never met before and they all end up chuckling over some random reference and I'm left standing there all confused.

Whenever someone I thought was cool references an inside joke, I immediately lose 75% of my respect for them, because it's just rude!

Inside jokes were fun in high school, when it was still okay to be a selfish idiot.


I don't have any inside jokes with my friends, because we are grown ups.

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    I know what you mean. I used to be in that position all the time; it seemed like I was never on the inside. But then I got some friends that I could have inside jokes with. But I always remember what it was like to be on the outside, so if someone happens to be standing around talking to us, and reference is made to an inside joke or topic, I always include the third party in and fill him/her in on anything they otherwise would not know. But you're right, just to sit around and deliberately tell inside jokes, or any inside topic, without taking the time or consideration to bring any third parties up to speed is just plain rude and ignorant.

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    I think if people continually bring these "inside" jokes up in front of others, then it is probably meant to make others feel left out. The problem with your assumption though is that an inside joke usually just stems from a situation that a group has shared, these things just happen and something might recall a memory that they all share. I do not see how this is a rude thing, I think you are taking it a bit too personally.

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    Inside jokes are great, because they bond people with a shared experience. They can be made with people not involved in the experience around or without. They are similar to geek jokes, in that only people "in the know" get them. Like the joke

    There 10 types of people in the world. Thos that know binary, and those that don't.

    That aren't meant as an exclusion, they are meant as an inclusion. An invitation for like minded indivuals to share a laugh.

    **Really? You don't have ANY inside jokes with your friends? No experiences that were hilariously funny at the time but other people wouldn't get if they weren't there? You don't even happen to mention these things and then laugh about them? You must live a very serious life.

    Just today I was out with some people I work with and we saw a dead squirrel. It's eyes were glazed over and it looked as though rigamortis had set in. We ignored it, but a few minutes later it rolled over and then scampered away! He was dead and then he rose! We started referring to it as the Squirrel Messiah. In the future if I were to ever mention the Squirrel Messiah, most people won't know what we're talking about, but it will surely give US a laugh! You really don't have anything like that that you can share with other people?

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    Inside Jokes are to be understood by a group of people only right?

    Well, I find it retarded when someone at my school mentions an inside joke and no one laughs...

    Especially me, I'm an Asian and just recently live as a European.. ^^ The cultures are different, and impossible to be mixed,

    It can be interesting, but there are times when they are being retards and make fool of themselves.

    Well, I think it's okay and let them be...

    Don't take this too emotionally.... You won't live a happy life, I've experienced this many times, so believe me..

    - - - - -


    "I don't have any inside jokes with my friends, because we are grown ups."

    -An inside joke (also known as an in joke or in-joke) is a joke whose humor is clear only to those people who are "inside" a social group or occupation- Source: Wikipedia

    Okay, you can see above that it doesn't say that Inside Jokes are meant only for little kids, it can be used by anyone.. It's like saying that you can't have plush dolls because you're a boy, and no soccer because you're a girl..

    My mother has inside jokes with her friends, it is to keep bonds between friends.. So, you'll feel that you're special because you are one of those people who only understand this joke(s)..

    As I said, don't take things emotionally.. You won't live a peaceful life, and end up making enemies.. Something as little as inside jokes should not be considered as rudeness..

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  • I don't think it is always meant to be rude, like someone could say something that reminded me of something that happened to us a few years ago and I'll bring that up-- not meaning to leave anyone who wasn't involved out, yet again, I always try and explain the situation. I wouldn't take it so personally unless it feels like the joke is on you.

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    you cant expect everyones funny stories to be about you, sometimes you just werent there! its not anything against you! get over it! and im an adult and i completely enjoy reminiscing about funny things that happened, and that is what it is, not an 'inside joke'. if someone else is there i'll explain the situation otherwise its rude. maybe theres a reason you werent there when they formed the joke...

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    Jokes About Rude People

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    it is rude to say insid jokes around ppl who aren't on the inside. but since you don't enjoy them means you probably don't have any friends to share inside jokes WITH. bummer

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