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Fans of the band Satyricon do you like this cover?

I think he did an excellent job

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This is good too

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Update 2:

Of course Nay. This guy is very talented..he lives in Canada maybe I should contact him lol

Update 3:

Yeah STW..a little bit of flaw here and there doesn't really matter to me lol

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    I'm sorry that I'm not familiar with Satyricon, but Both Viddys were Excellent, IMO.


  • S>T<W
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    That's all I can say really.

    It sounds really good

    Edit- yeah after listening a second time, I hear what the guy who commented on the main riff being messed up a bit heard, but other than that, that's a near flawless cover done by a very talented musician

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    That's just unbelievable. He should be in the real band =D

    Satyricon rules, I couldn't tell the vocals apart before I read the description, and even still they sounded exactly the same.

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    thanks , for the oportunity !

    i think they will be interesting to listen to , liked what i heard so far*****

    Only seen top clip htt mail/ havn't time right now to see other , but will check all of it out soon...........thanks

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