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Password protected web page to hold downloadable files on?


I need to find a web page where i can upload several files onto so people can download them from the site over and over (the files are too big for me to send repeatedly over email). Can someone please advise me on how i can go about this. I also need the page to be password protected of a firewall on it or some sort of way of only allowing people to download the files if i have given them access


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    Just use a website like the one I noted below. You create a user account and anyone can access it from anywhere you can get an internet connection. The one below offers 50gb free. Of course the other people must know the username + password.

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    Yahoo Briefcase does this, but to store large files, you need to either have high-speed access through Yahoo, or pay them something.

    Another alternative is to put the files where anyone can see them, but encrypt them. It's unlikely that someone without the password would waste the bandwidth downloading the file.

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    You could always host your own web server...

    Other than that... you're getting pretty specific, but I'm sure there are sites like that out there.

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